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bubinga and bear long neck concert ukulele

Bubinga and Bear Long Neck Concert Ukulele

This is the Bubinga and Bear Long Neck Concert Ukulele. Unless a standard concert scale is requested, all of my concert sized instruments this year will have a 17" tenor scale as well as 15 frets to the body.  The 17" scale is not out…
pale moon tenor pineapple ukulele

Pale Moon Tenor Pineapple Ukulele

This is Walt's Pale Moon Tenor Pineapple Ukulele.    Walt selected pale Pomelle Bubinga for the back and sides and  Swiss Moon Spruce for the sound board. The finger board and bridge are Mexican Ziricote.  I love the look of this…
pineapple koa tenor ukulele at hale ukulele

Pineapple Koa Tenor Ukulele at Hale Ukulele

This Pineapple Koa Tenor Ukulele at Hale Ukulele was delivered last year about the same time as the Christmas Koa Pineapple Ukulele.  Even though this one got snatched up while I was making another delivery to Hale Ukulele, it still deserves…
sinker redwood and myrtle tenor ukulele

Sinker Redwood and Myrtle Tenor Ukulele

My myrtle wood supplier in southern Oregon sent me some of his personal stash of curly myrtle and sinker redwood for his build.  Here is a Sinker Redwood and Myrtle Tenor Ukulele. Sinker Redwood--you know, that stuff that's been laying…

Available Ukuleles

christmas koa tenor pineapple ukulele

Christmas Koa Tenor Pineapple Ukulele

Another of my recent deliveries to Hale Ukulele in San Diego is this Christmas Koa Tenor Pineapple Ukulele. This Koa tenor pineapple ukulele exhibits what I call "tiger curl" .  This type of curl occurs when the wood is cut off perpendicular…
moonlight mango concert

Moonlight Mango Concert

Now at Hale Ukulele, the Moonlight Mango Concert.  This really nifty set of Mango Wood was passed over by a potential client a couple of months ago and I immediately snatched it up for myself.  I didn't even know that I had it until I dug…
koa tenor ukulele

Koa Tenor Ukulele

Ric at Hale Ukulele says "I need more"!  So here's a Koa Tenor Ukulele ukulele that I built per his request. This alternative curl, curly dark Koa has a lot of visuals going for it.  I have straight curl Koa in stock but, honestly,…
baritone ukuleles are getting hot again

Baritone Ukuleles Are Getting Hot Again

It seems that requests for Baritone Ukuleles Are Getting Hot Again. Lately there has been more interest in this small "almost a guitar" than ever.  Trying to keep up with the demand, I delivered this new Koa Baritone to Hale Ukulele last week.   This…

Kimo’s Philosophy

My mission is to produce distinctive instruments that are not only pleasing to the ear but emphasize the natural beauty of the woods used in construction, and to promote that ukulele “fun factor”.

About Kimo Ukulele

I lost part of my heart to the sea and to Hawaii when I first tried surfing at age 13 in Waikiki. It was only a matter of time before I discovered the musical beauty of the Hawaiian culture including slack-key guitar and ukulele. I have always enjoyed designing and building for my personal use–the guitar and ukulele being no exception.

In 1999, I made the decision to initiate this process and was fortunate to enlist the help of master luthier John Greven (www.grevenguitars.com). I was thrilled with the instruments I was able to make and intrigued with the process of construction and the design possibilities.

The journey is far from complete since the variables seem limitless. My focus is to produce distinctive, custom ukuleles that are not only pleasing to the ear but emphasize the natural beauty of the woods of the world that I use in construction and to promote that ukulele “fun factor”.

To that endeavor, most of my builds have simple embellishments that will not detract from this natural beauty. My Aloha is in the hand crafting of each custom ukulele.

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