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the roberta tenor ukulele custom built by kimo ukulele san diego california made from salvage koa wood from the big island of hawaii

The Roberta Tenor Ukulele

This is the first of three standard tenor ukuleles recently delivered.  I'm calling this one The Roberta Tenor Ukulele. This set of Koa wood is the second to last from 4 sets that I received from Allied Lutherie about 4 years ago. …

Plumeria and Koa Concert Ukulele

This cutie went to Hale Ukulele a month or two ago but didn't stay too long.  This is the Plumeria and Koa Concert Ukulele. This is one of my newer concerts with a tenor ukulele scale of 17".  To compensate for the longer scale I've…
the love machine tenor ukulele

The Love Machine Tenor Ukulele

This is a tenor ukulele custom built and delivered a couple of months ago.  I'm calling this instrument The Love Machine Tenor Ukulele.  This ukulele is built on my Hula Hips mold which is a wider and deeper conventional shape.  The heart…
anciient spruce and bubinga super tenor ukulele

Ancient Spruce and Bubinga Super Tenor Ukulele

An unusual combination of woods with a big warm sound, this is the Ancient Spruce and Bubinga Super Tenor Ukulele.  The client really wanted something different in appearance and his personal selection of these woods definitely added some excitement…

Available Ukuleles


Curly Koa Pineapple Ukulele

The latest delivery to Hale Ukulele is a Curly Koa Pineapple Ukulele. Ric wanted some standard builds so I accommodated on this tenor pineapple ukulele.  I used some blondish curly koa for the body.  I think this is the last set that…
earthtone cedar and koa super tenor ukulele

Bear Koa Tenor Ukulele

I'm thinking of all the Bear, Bare and Beer jokes I could use here.   OK, guess not!  This is the Bear Koa Tenor Ukulele now at Hale Ukulele. This is a standard tenor shape with a subtle curl Koa back and sides and a subtle Bear Claw…
pineapple and paua tenor ukulele

Pineapple and Paua Tenor Ukulele

Friday is delivery day to Hale Ukulele.  Here's a new Pineapple and Paua Tenor Ukulele for the shop. Got some pretty Koa here.  As with almost all the pineapple ukuleles I use green and black fiber for accent color.  This particular…
earthtone cedar and koa super tenor ukulele

Earthtone Cedar and Koa Super Tenor Ukulele

Here is a new super tenor ukulele delivered to Hale Ukulele the week before last.  This year I am planning on building more instruments with traditional tonewood tops.  So here is the Earthtone Cedar and Koa Super Tenor Ukulele -- the second…

Kimo’s Philosophy

My mission is to produce distinctive instruments that are not only pleasing to the ear but emphasize the natural beauty of the woods used in construction, and to promote that ukulele “fun factor”.

About Kimo Ukulele

I lost part of my heart to the sea and to Hawaii when I first tried surfing at age 13 in Waikiki. It was only a matter of time before I discovered the musical beauty of the Hawaiian culture including slack-key guitar and ukulele. I have always enjoyed designing and building for my personal use–the guitar and ukulele being no exception.

In 1999, I made the decision to initiate this process and was fortunate to enlist the help of master luthier John Greven (www.grevenguitars.com). I was thrilled with the instruments I was able to make and intrigued with the process of construction and the design possibilities.

The journey is far from complete since the variables seem limitless. My focus is to produce distinctive, custom ukuleles that are not only pleasing to the ear but emphasize the natural beauty of the woods of the world that I use in construction and to promote that ukulele “fun factor”.

To that endeavor, most of my builds have simple embellishments that will not detract from this natural beauty. My Aloha is in the hand crafting of each custom ukulele.

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