redwood koa tenor ukulele

Redwood Koa Tenor Ukulele

Here's a combination of woods that I haven't used previously:  Redwood and Koa.  This Redwood Koa Tenor Ukulele didn't start out this way.  It was supposed to be all Koa, but things happen.  I had been eyeing this curly redwood top for sometime…
super tenor ukulele

Super Tenor Ukulele

Here's an old/new shape that will be a standard in my production schedule.  This is a a Super Tenor Ukulele based on the Washburn "J" shape of guitars.  I made one of these about 3 years ago, sold it immediately and just didn't get motivated…
moon and petroglyph tenor ukulele

Moon and Petroglyph Tenor Ukulele

I'm calling this one the Moon and Petroglyph Tenor Ukulele.  The Koa is very similar to the instrument posted October of 2017 with mild curl and a bold sapwood center strip.  I took the opportunity on this instrument to add my laser cut petroglyph…