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The Roberta Tenor Ukulele

This is the first of three standard tenor ukuleles recently delivered.  I’m calling this one The Roberta Tenor Ukulele. This set of Koa wood is the second to last from 4 sets that I received from Allied Lutherie about 4 years ago.  This is salvage stump wood from the Big Island of Hawaii.  Colorfull, curly, […]

Plumeria and Koa Concert Ukulele

This cutie went to Hale Ukulele a month or two ago but didn’t stay too long.  This is the Plumeria and Koa Concert Ukulele. This is one of my newer concerts with a tenor ukulele scale of 17″.  To compensate for the longer scale I’ve moved the neck to body attachment to the 15th fret.  […]

The Love Machine Tenor Ukulele

This is a tenor ukulele custom built and delivered a couple of months ago.  I’m calling this instrument The Love Machine Tenor Ukulele.  This ukulele is built on my Hula Hips mold which is a wider and deeper conventional shape.  The heart shaped sound port is by request. The sound board is a really nice […]

Ancient Spruce and Bubinga Super Tenor Ukulele

An unusual combination of woods with a big warm sound, this is the Ancient Spruce and Bubinga Super Tenor Ukulele.  The client really wanted something different in appearance and his personal selection of these woods definitely added some excitement to the build.  The Alaskan ancient spruce sound board came from Alaska Specialty Woods.  It is […]


Curly Koa Pineapple Ukulele

The latest delivery to Hale Ukulele is a Curly Koa Pineapple Ukulele. Ric wanted some standard builds so I accommodated on this tenor pineapple ukulele.  I used some blondish curly koa for the body.  I think this is the last set that I may have with that dark wood zigzag pattern in it.  Kinda cool! […]

My Super Tenor Ukulele

I gave my ukulele away to a friends son some time ago and have been without a replacement. I’ve been hording some really cool woods for a new personal instrument but finally decided on a combination of curly, old growth redwood and India rosewood for My Super Tenor Ukulele. Nothing fancy, just some really nice […]


Bear Koa Tenor Ukulele

I’m thinking of all the Bear, Bare and Beer jokes I could use here.   OK, guess not!  This is the Bear Koa Tenor Ukulele now at Hale Ukulele. This is a standard tenor shape with a subtle curl Koa back and sides and a subtle Bear Claw Spruce soundboard. I’m doing more traditional soundboard ukes […]

Compression Curl Koa Tenor Ukulele

Ooh la la!  Here’s a new Compression Curl Koa Tenor Ukulele I delivered to Hale Ukulele a couple of weeks ago.  I decided with this build to just feature the wood, so there is very little in the way of embellishments. I did use Fuschia/Black fiber for purfling and rosette.  That’s about it.  It didn’t last […]

Ric’s New Super Tenor Ukulele

This is Hale Ukulele owner Ric’s New Super Tenor Ukulele.  It looks a bit like the last one that he got from me but he sold that one and wanted another for his collection. Same materials as before:  ancient spruce sound board, curly ambrosia maple back and sides, ambrosia maple neck, ebony species fret board […]

Killer Ambrosia Maple Long Neck Concert Ukulele

This instrument went out the week before last.  I’m calling it the Killer Ambrosia Maple Long Neck Concert Ukulele. This curly Ambrosia or Ghost Maple is absolutely killer.  It’s like looking at the wood at the bottom of a swimming pool.  This particular set has much more color and heavier curl than the Ancient Spruce […]