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Maple and Mappa Burl Tenor Ukulele

Off to the races 2021.  Here is the first of Four new ukuleles completed this year, the Maple and Mappa Burl Tenor Ukulele. All the instruments have the 100 year old Pier Piling Douglas Fir for sound boards.  Hopefully you won’t find this boring? The back and sides are made from some of my very […]

Quilt and Curl Super Tenor Ukulele

Aloha 2021!  First of the year is this Quilt and Curl Super Tenor Ukulele. I’m still exploring different possibilities here using some unusual compression curl Koa wood and some silvery, quilt Maple wood.  You know I like them both. The Sound Board Last of this look of compression curl Koa from Hearne Hardwoods.  This is […]

2020 Ukuleles In Review

I’d like to have called this post “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” but I think we’ll just focus on the Good– 2020 Ukuleles in Review. Color As unique wood supplies become more scarce I am finding new interest in domestic hardwoods like Maple.  Curly and quilted stocks are hard to find and becoming […]

Last Ukulele 2020

Happy New Year Y’all!  Here is the Last Ukulele 2020–well, not the last build but the last completed instrument of the year.  It is a concert sized uke with a standard concert scale, a standard depth and volume custom build for a special guy. This is a Christmas present for a young player. After seeing […]

Every Note A Love Song

Delivered last weekend is this new Tenor Ukulele–Every Note A Love Song. This is the tribute ukulele for the family of the individual who was responsible for the salvage of the pier piling fir from the Navy Base in San Diego.  Rather than destroy this wood or use it as landfill, it was re-purposed into […]

Birdseye Maple Tenor Ukulele

The eyes have it!  This is a Birdseye Maple Tenor Ukulele. I know that you’ve seen this sound board material before and you’re going to see it again four more times at least.  This is the Pier Piling Douglas Fir from San Diego Bay.  One hundred years of salt cure has given this wood a […]

Custom Koa Mix Tenor Ukulele

I guess that my Custom Koa Mix Tenor Ukulele are not just a flukes.  Here’s a custom requested super tenor done in three different Koa’s. The Sound Board is the last piece of dark, chocolate, curly koa I received from Allied Lutherie about 5 years ago (salvage of course).  The matching back and sides of this […]

Oregon Myrtle Tenor Ukulele

When ya gotta have an Oregon Myrtle Tenor Ukulele this is a look that you might want to consider. This is my second cut-a-way super tenor this year.  I’m still working on construction ideas but think that I think this design will remain unchanged for the present.  I changed from the soft and spanish style […]

Koa Curls and More

Here’s the latest uke to finish at the shop–a standard tenor with Koa Curls and More. I think I’m having a bit too much fun now.  I’m using an orphan, compression curl Koa with dramatic sapwood center for the sound board. For the body I’m using a rift sawn Koa.  I have to tell you, […]

Compression Koa Concert

Also delivered to Hale Ukulele last week is this new Compression Koa Concert. It’s a long neck or tenor !7″ scale instrument.  I’m making them all that way now. It’s got koa, koa and more koa for the body–cool compression koa for the top and back with a color matched curly koa for the sides.  […]