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Mango Wood Lover’s Pineapple Ukulele

Mmmmmm! Fresh mangos with this Mango Wood Lover’s Pineapple Ukulele. I’m using Mango Wood 3 ways here:  you’ve got your basic chocolate marble figured sound board, your basic curly, spalted figured sides, and your basic beeswing figured yellow and grey back. I think that cover’s most of the bases.  You just can’t have enough mango! […]

Koa Lovers Tenor Ukulele

This new instrument is a Koa Lovers Tenor Ukulele. I love a perfectly matched set of wood but I also like a little variety.  Here I’m using thee different looks of culy Koa wood for the main components of the body. You know,  trying to keep it fresh and fun.  There’s also a bit of […]

Your Basic Super Tenor Ukulele

Your Basic Super Tenor Ukulele–Hah!  This instrument is built with the rarish and seldom seen Black and White Ebony. AND, the Sound Board is the uncommon Swiss Moon Spruce but with bearclaw figure.  This is about as figured as I’ve seen this spruce so far.  Nothing like what I have from Alaska and Canada.  The […]

Gecko Tamarind Tree Super Tenor Ukulele

Going to Hale Ukulele today is this new Gecko Tamarind Tree Super Tenor Ukulele. I’ve been sitting on this unusual set of Tamarind Wood for a couple of years, but I didn’t really have a top that I thought would go well with all that grey coloration until I found Denim Spruce. Tamarind wood is […]

Lava Lamp Super Tenor Ukulele

When I was shown this interesting piece of compression koa wood I had to have it.  I had a little buyers remorse when I received it because I wasn’t sure that I was going to be able to bend these heavy compression curls.  Sooner or later I was going to have to give it a […]

Blister Koa Tenor Ukulele

Here’s a new custom build, the Blister Koa Tenor Ukulele, featuring a 100 year old sound board and a standard ukulele shape. This is my first build using this look in Koa wood.  At first it looks kinda plain and darkish with chocolate color; but, get a little light on it and it comes alive […]

Blue Thing Tenor Ukulele

Third in my series of stained wood builds is the Blue Thing Tenor Ukulele.   The Body:  First purple, then red and now blue (actually black and blue like the bruise).  This is some very light weight, curly, western Maple for back and sides.  I added the same for the head plate and sound hole […]

Super Curly Super Quilty Super Tenor

Hey gang!  Two posts this week.  I just couldn’t wait to show off this new ukulele since it is leaving the shop today.  This is a Super Curly Super Quilty Super Tenor. My client likes concert sized ukuleles but after playing the “house” super tenor uke she decided that she one in her collection. The […]

Myrtle and Bear Cutaway Ukulele

Just put strings on  this Myrtle and Bear Cutaway Ukulele Tuesday.  They are not set yet but this is sounding like a promising instrument. This is a Super Tenor shape with a florentine-style cutaway.  The sides and back are curly, burly Oregon Myrtle.  Myrtle Wood, what can I say, has an infinite number of intriguing […]

Curly Mango Baritone Please

I’d like a Curly Mango Baritone Please.  That was the request and fortunately I have lots of curly sets on stock at the present.  This particular set of Curly Mango has a little bit of everything–good chocolate colors, some spalt and lots of interesting curl.  You just can’t have enough curl–ya know! This is a […]