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New All Koa Super Tenor Ukulele

Here’s a New All Koa Super Tenor Ukulele that I just delivered to Hale Ukulele Saturday. If you like Koa ukes then I think you will like this one a lot.  It feels good, looks good and sounds good.  This particular set of koa exhibits warm chocolate colors  and multiple figures of curl, quilt and […]


Myrtle and Black Walnut Ukulele

One of my favorite ukulele woods is Black Walnut.  This particular set of wood is from Oregon and is a variation or hybrid of the standard.  This variation is a lower density wood than Claro Walnut.  For a sound board, I have paired the black walnut with a blond, curly Oregon Myrtle.  This is the […]

Koa Super Tenor Ukulele

Just out the door is this Koa Super Tenor Ukulele.   This instrument is one of the first that I have constructed using my super tenor shape.  The shape is reminiscent of the guitar “J” models with a rounded lower bout.   I added another 1/8″ to the depth of the body which now measures 3 1/4″ […]

Spalted Koa Baritone Ukulele

No fancy names this time.  Here is a new Spalted Koa Baritone Ukulele going out this week. This instrument is made from the same billet of koa that the San Franciso Dream Ukulele is made from.  It’s the big brother. Besides the size and tuning differences, I made a triple-ply stringer for the domestic black […]

San Francisco Dream Ukulele

This was always referred to as the San Francisco Dream Ukulele, but I like to call it the Tree of Gondor ukulele.  There isn’t anything on this ukulele that would remind one of San Francisco.    Maybe Alcatraz or the San Francisco Bay Bridge on the head stock would have been appropriate!  This is a […]

The Corky Tenor Ukulele

Here’s the third and the last of the latest series of tenor ukuleles delivered last month.  This is The Corky Tenor Ukulele. Each set of Koa wood used for these instruments exhibits a unique appearance.  I try my best not to duplicate the sets just so that each instrument is a one-of-a-kind.  The girls had a […]

The Kitty Tenor Ukulele

Here’s the second in the trio of tenor ukuleles delivered recently.   This is The Kitty Tenor Ukulele. The woods for each instrument were personally selected.  This is a nice dark, curly koa selection that I have used before.  Koa just keeps on giving with such a huge variety of colors and grains.  Wait until I […]

The Roberta Tenor Ukulele

This is the first of three standard tenor ukuleles recently delivered.  I’m calling this one The Roberta Tenor Ukulele. This set of Koa wood is the second to last from 4 sets that I received from Allied Lutherie about 4 years ago.  This is salvage stump wood from the Big Island of Hawaii.  Colorfull, curly, […]

Plumeria and Koa Concert Ukulele

This cutie went to Hale Ukulele a month or two ago but didn’t stay too long.  This is the Plumeria and Koa Concert Ukulele. This is one of my newer concerts with a tenor ukulele scale of 17″.  To compensate for the longer scale I’ve moved the neck to body attachment to the 15th fret.  […]

The Love Machine Tenor Ukulele

This is a tenor ukulele custom built and delivered a couple of months ago.  I’m calling this instrument The Love Machine Tenor Ukulele.  This ukulele is built on my Hula Hips mold which is a wider and deeper conventional shape.  The heart shaped sound port is by request. The sound board is a really nice […]