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Hale Holiday Fare 4

Another new tenor pineapple.  This is Hale Holiday Fare 4.   This instrument is now at Hale Ukulele . Ric asked for another tenor pineapple for the shop.  This one is all Koa–no abalone, no inlays just Koa. I like green as the purfling and rosette colors. The neck is a composite of California Black Walnut […]


Purple Rain Super Tenor Ukulele

This uke is a preview of some of the builds that I am looking forward to in this coming year.  This is the Purple Rain Super Tenor Ukulele.  This instrument is to be delivered to Hale Ukulele in San Diego Tuesday, December 3rd, and is Hale Holiday Fare #3. What’s it made out of? The […]


Hale Fare #2

Ok, here’s holiday fare #2 going to Hale Ukulele this coming Tuesday.  This one I’m calling Hale Fare #2 and it’s another of my curly Ambrosia Maple super tenor ukuleles topped with the 3000 year old Alaskan Ancient Spruce. I used turquoise “recon” stone for some eye-popping accents–rosette, lower bout graft and backstrip.  Turquoise fiber […]


Holiday Fare #1

To be delivered to Hale Ukulele no later than December 3rd is this super tenor ukulele–Holiday Fare #1. All Koa, very woodsy, light curl.  I added the maple/mahogany herringbone accents because it just really worked well with this set of Koa–a vintage look. It’s pretty much a standard build.  Ric has asked for both standard […]

Turquoise Mango Tenor Ukulele

Sometimes my clients drag me kicking and screaming out of comfort zone.  This ukulele, the Turquoise Mango Tenor Ukulele, is an example. The mango wood I obtained from Kamuela Hardwoods on the big island early this year.  I’ve got a bunch and so far all the sets are showing something different and unusual. My client […]


Holiday Fare at Hale

Holiday Fare at Hale Ukulele in San Diego.  Here’s a picture of instruments that I hope will be finished and delivered to Hale Ukulele around the first of December.  Just a teaser!  Got some new Koa ukes in super tenor, pineapple and long neck concert shapes.  There’s another Ambrosia Maple super tenor with Ancient (3000 […]

Luna Moth Tenor Ukulele

This is a Koa and Swiss Spruce super tenor ukulele. The new owner wanted something special for the head stock so we ordered up a luna moth by inlay artist Craig Lavin.  We’re calling it the Luna Moth Tenor Ukulele. The Swiss Spruce and Koa combination was by request.  The client wanted a one-of-a-kind compression […]

Tassy Concert Ukulele

This Tassy Concert Ukulele went to Hale Ukulele a couple of weeks ago. Tasmanian Blackwood, until recently, is scarce and difficult to get here in the USA.  There is some currently available at Hearne Hardwoods in Pennsylvania.  My sets were imported by Gilmer Hardwoods in Oregon over 20 years ago.  I do not know if […]

Swiss Moon and Koa Ukulele

By request, I built this Swiss Moon and Koa Ukulele for San Diego ukulele instructor and musician Kev. Kev has written more than a few instructional books on ukulele playing and alternative tuning.  He’s quite talented. I’ve told the back story on the Swiss Moon spruce before, but it would be best to visit the […]

Curly Myrtle and Bear Super Tenor Ukulele

Another super tenor ukulele!  I received a few sets of spectacular Oregon Myrtle wood from my supplier Vince at Pacific Coast Woods late last year.  This is a Curly Myrtle and Bear Super Tenor Ukulele. Oregon Myrtle, like Hawaiian Koa, has many different and sometimes bizarre appearances.  These particular sets are curly, have sapwood, have […]