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Toes on the nose ukulele

Just in case you are wondering how strong your ukulele or guitar is–here I am showing how strong these delicate instruments can be be standing on one with my dainty 195 pounds.  No, I do not suggest that you take your vintage Martin out into the street and try to duplicate this experiment.  I really […]

How many sound holes: Part 1

If you have followed some of my commentary you will see that I have have posted pictures of many instruments with asymmetric and multiple sound holes.  For those individuals who think that I only make instruments of this configuration, let me put minds at ease.  Here are four instruments with conventional sound hold configuration.   […]

Koa Ukulele

Here’s another Koa Ukulele that is available at Surfy Surfy (www.surfysurfy.net) in Leucadia, California.  Solid Koa.  It exhibits an asymmetric sound hole placement (side sound hole as well).  Binding is East  India Rosewood and purfling is vintage style.  I really like this sound hole placement (as if you can’t tell!).  In a blind test, this […]

Double Puka Sound Hole

Here’s a new instrument that can be seen at Surfy Surfy (www.surfysurfy.net) in Leucadia, California.  It is my Kahiko design ukulele exhibiting a double puka sound hole.  The bracing is on the light side and reflects the narrow waist and high placement of the sound holes.  For some reason, these instruments have always been bright […]

Lacewood Tenor Ukulele

Occasionally I get a request for some unusual wood combinations.  Here is a tenor ukulele, just completed, made with Australian Lacewood for sound board and back.  The back is laser cut embellished with the customer”s artwork.  The sides are Hawaiian Koa. The binding is Oregon curly Maple.    The fingerboard and bridge are African figured […]

Bite Me Shark Inlay

One of my latest requests was for a shark inlay on the peg head.  Tough call.  I wanted to go for big teeth, but opted for simple.   The shark was cut out of Phillipine black mother-of-pearl.  Nothing special as far as detail,  but it looks really cool as the light changes on the instrument–kind […]

Makau Tenor Ukulele

Here’s my version of Hawaiian Makau with tribal accents.  As I said in my last post, I am into my South Pacific roots at the present.  This Koa is from Maui, and I really like the color–no killer figure, but it is really attractive and also really light.  I felt that the Makau fit the look. […]

Olukai Ho’olaule’a Ukulele

It’s about time again for the Olukai Ho’olaule’a on Maui–Olukai’s celebration of the ocean, ocean life and the Hawaiian culture that embraces it.  This year it will be held on May 12-13th.  Pictured here is this year’s Ho’o Aloha award.  I try to keep these uke’s as organic as possible and do my best to […]

Koa Concert Ukulele

Just finished this Koa concert ukulele.  I’m still fond of the asymmetric soundhole placement, so have used same in this instrument.  It’s all Koa except the mahogany neck and the fret board/bridge which are Chechen.  I have accented with rope style purfling and back strip to match.   Scale is a longer 15 3/4 inches and […]