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Mmmm Maple

I think I told ya’ll that I was getting tired of looking at brown.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the Koa, but I was just getting tired of all the “brown” instruments.  So, other than Mango, I’m on a Maple kick.  Got some really nice stuff in Oregon late last year and here’s […]

Koa Concert Ukulele

Hey gang, here’s another uke that will most likely be for sale at the San Diego Ukulele Festival.  All Koa, with East India Rosewood binding, herringbone purfling, asymmetric sound hole and side port/concert side sound port.  No strings on this particular instrument yet, but am favoring low “G” tuning.

Tasmanian Blackwood Tenor Ukulele

      Bonzer!  Tasmanian Blackwood is Koa’s cousin from the South Pacific.  Same plant/tree (acacia melanoxylon)  but different growing environment.  We don’t see a lot of this wood, but I was fortunate to score on some really tasty and old stuff that was in storage here in San Diego.  It is a little darker […]

Greg’s New Tenor

Hey, ya’ll.  Here’s a couple of pictures of Greg’s custom tenor.  This is actually his third instrument from me.  He sold his first one to a close friend in Washington and has regretted it since that day.  His second was another concert uke with Koa back and sides and a black/ red sundburst sound board. […]

Bruce Robinson Plays the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with Kimo Uke

Yo, Yo, Yo!  Wouldn’t you give your left you-know-what to be able to play the Foyer at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Well Bruce was there this last weekend.  Here he is with his custom, tenor, pineapple ukulele (his design).  Bruce is an ex-major league baseball player so the head stock inlay is […]

Plumeria Tenor Ukulele

Hey you all!  Here’s a custom tenor ukulele that I made last year for Vickie.  She liked the look of the Lacewood and also wanted the mother-of-pearl plumeria inlay on the sound board.  Looks good and plays great-low “G” tuning.  I’m only showing the sound board, but the back and sides were of Koa.  An […]

Mango me Baby!

Sometimes I just get tired of looking at “brown” woods. Sooooo, to change up the look, one of the many woods that I have used is Mango. Here, you will see an asymmetric sound hole tenor that I constructed out of figured and fairly colorful Mango. This wood doesn’t really tone tap well but seems […]

How many sound holes: Part 2

Okay, there is no empirical data that supports the design of the modern ukulele or guitar–especially when it comes to sound hole placement, or number of sound holes.  So do you prefer traditional design are can you live with some of the alternative instrument designs?  I have listened to both and am unable to determine […]

new Koa Tenor

Hot off the press, here’s a new Koa tenor uke.  I can’t resist wood with sap wood.  This Koa is not perfectly quartered–thus the odd curl/figure.  The back features a laser cut petroglyph back strip.   This instrument features x-bracing with asymmetric sound hole and side concert sound hole.  Binding is East India Rosewood with Blue […]