blond and chocolate myrtle super tenor ukulele

Blond and Chocolate Myrtle Super Tenor Ukulele

It's been awhile since I have built one of my all Myrtle wood ukuleles.  This particular instrument, delivered to Hale Ukulele  last week,  I am naming the Blond and Chocolate Myrtle Super Tenor Ukulele.  This is a great departure from some…
pineapple and paua tenor ukulele

Pineapple and Paua Tenor Ukulele

Friday is delivery day to Hale Ukulele.  Here's a new Pineapple and Paua Tenor Ukulele for the shop. Got some pretty Koa here.  As with almost all the pineapple ukuleles I use green and black fiber for accent color.  This particular…
earthtone cedar and koa super tenor ukulele

Earthtone Cedar and Koa Super Tenor Ukulele

Here is a new super tenor ukulele delivered to Hale Ukulele the week before last.  This year I am planning on building more instruments with traditional tonewood tops.  So here is the Earthtone Cedar and Koa Super Tenor Ukulele -- the second…
moonlight mango concert

Moonlight Mango Concert

Now at Hale Ukulele, the Moonlight Mango Concert.  This really nifty set of Mango Wood was passed over by a potential client a couple of months ago and I immediately snatched it up for myself.  I didn't even know that I had it until I dug…
koa tenor ukulele

Koa Tenor Ukulele

Ric at Hale Ukulele says "I need more"!  So here's a Koa Tenor Ukulele ukulele that I built per his request. This alternative curl, curly dark Koa has a lot of visuals going for it.  I have straight curl Koa in stock but, honestly,…
baritone ukuleles are getting hot again

Baritone Ukuleles Are Getting Hot Again

It seems that requests for Baritone Ukuleles Are Getting Hot Again. Lately there has been more interest in this small "almost a guitar" than ever.  Trying to keep up with the demand, I delivered this new Koa Baritone to Hale Ukulele last week.   This…
blue soprano pineapple ukulele

Blue Soprano Pineapple Ukulele

I delivered this Blue Soprano Pineapple Ukulele baby to Hale Ukulele the week before last and I think it is still available.  Not a lot of bling but a lot of blue in the form of fiber accent to the India Rosewood binding. Of course,…
new mango tenor ukulele

New Mango Tenor Ukulele

Here's a New Mango Tenor Ukulele recently delivered to Hale Ukulele in San Diego. I've had my feelers out for more spalted mango for some time but have not had much success.   This particular Mango Wood has a more traditional look and…
super tenor ukulele

Super Tenor Ukulele

Here's an old/new shape that will be a standard in my production schedule.  This is a a Super Tenor Ukulele based on the Washburn "J" shape of guitars.  I made one of these about 3 years ago, sold it immediately and just didn't get motivated…
moon and petroglyph tenor ukulele

Moon and Petroglyph Tenor Ukulele

I'm calling this one the Moon and Petroglyph Tenor Ukulele.  The Koa is very similar to the instrument posted October of 2017 with mild curl and a bold sapwood center strip.  I took the opportunity on this instrument to add my laser cut petroglyph…