ric's new super tenor ukulele

Ric's New Super Tenor Ukulele

This is Hale Ukulele owner Ric's New Super Tenor Ukulele.  It looks a bit like the last one that he got from me but he sold that one and wanted another for his collection. Same materials as before:  ancient spruce sound board, curly…
blond and chocolate myrtle super tenor ukulele

Blond and Chocolate Myrtle Super Tenor Ukulele

It's been awhile since I have built one of my all Myrtle wood ukuleles.  This particular instrument, delivered to Hale Ukulele  last week,  I am naming the Blond and Chocolate Myrtle Super Tenor Ukulele.  This is a great departure from some…
pineapple and paua tenor ukulele

Pineapple and Paua Tenor Ukulele

Friday is delivery day to Hale Ukulele.  Here's a new Pineapple and Paua Tenor Ukulele for the shop. Got some pretty Koa here.  As with almost all the pineapple ukuleles I use green and black fiber for accent color.  This particular…
earthtone cedar and koa super tenor ukulele

Earthtone Cedar and Koa Super Tenor Ukulele

Here is a new super tenor ukulele delivered to Hale Ukulele the week before last.  This year I am planning on building more instruments with traditional tonewood tops.  So here is the Earthtone Cedar and Koa Super Tenor Ukulele -- the second…
the love machine hula hips tenor ukulele

The Love Machine Hula Hips Tenor Ukulele

Without being overly extravagant, this Hula Hips Tenor Ukulele is now a one-of-a-kind.  This is The Love Machine Hula Hips Tenor Ukulele.  While being a bit wider and deeper than the standard tenor shape it is not out of proportion for a grand…
the cindy tenor ukulele

The Cindy Tenor Ukulele

Here is The Cindy Tenor Ukulele.  This is a standard tenor ukulele built from the "Tri-Color" koa billet of wood I obtained last year.  Even though this is the third instrument I have made from the same piece of koa, each one one has exhibited…
sinker redwood and myrtle tenor ukulele

Sinker Redwood and Myrtle Tenor Ukulele

My myrtle wood supplier in southern Oregon sent me some of his personal stash of curly myrtle and sinker redwood for his build.  Here is a Sinker Redwood and Myrtle Tenor Ukulele. Sinker Redwood--you know, that stuff that's been laying…
the donna tenor ukulele

The Donna Tenor Ukulele

World traveler Donna saw the plumeria flowers on Zoey's ukulele and had to have them on her's as well.  This is The Donna Tenor Ukulele. This set of Koa was personally picked by Donna for a standard tenor ukulele.  This Koa may not…
the zoey custom tenor ukulele

The Zoey Custom Tenor Ukulele

Someone will have a fun Christmas with The Zoey Custom Tenor Ukulele. This custom ukulele is a gift for Zoey from Santa.  Santa visited the shop earlier this year and picked this set of Koa wood specifically for this gift. The…
ancient spruce and ambrosia maple super tenor ukulele

Ancient Spruce and Ambrosia Maple Super Tenor Ukulele

Hmmmm!  Let me think about this.  What do I build for myself?  With all the beautiful Koa sets that I have you might think that Koa would be my first choice of wood.  This time the Koa loses out to an Ancient Spruce and Ambrosia Maple Super…