blue honu koa concert ukulele

Blue Honu Koa Concert Ukulele

The Blue Honu Koa Concert Ukulele was completed a few months ago and found it's way to Arizona.  Here's an example of blue paua abalone purfling with blue fiber purfling accents--lot's of blue.  Fortunately, I had a small blue Honu to add…
blue plumeria koa concert ukulele

Blue Plumeria Koa Concert Ukulele

Here's an instrument delivered to Hale Ukulele a couple of weeks ago.  I'm calling it the Blue Plumeria Koa Concert Ukulele. This particular set of Koa wood comes from the same billet according to my supplier.  Every side of the instrument…
Koa Concert Ukulele

Koa Concert Ukulele

If you have followed my posts for some time you might wonder why I only show tenor ukulele.  Well, the tenor is the most popular model that I make and sell.  But, recently, there have been increasing requests for Koa Concert Ukulele and…