Oregon Wood 2015

Aloha Ya’ll,

Just thought you might like  to see a couple of pictures of a wood mill that I stopped at in my search for some new bearclaw Sitka tops.  Sound Board Inc.20150305_103159_resized 20150305_103218_resized 20150305_103319_resized 20150305_103406_resized cuts for some of the biggest American guitar makers as well as for the little people–me.  Most of this Sitka is from south east Alaska.  There were a lot of tops here.

I also ran into master luthier Kerry Char who styled for a picture in standard Oregon attire.  Kerry was there milling some new Oregon Black Walnut for harp guitars, European Pear and some new Koa.  Besides his new quitars and his great repair services, Kerry makes beautiful ukuleles. You can check his work at:  www.charguitars.com.