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Uncle Willy’s Baritone Ukulele

This is Uncle Willy’s Baritone Ukulele. It’s All About the Wood Body:  Honduran Rosewood.  Willy’s last one was Brazilian.  I couldn’t resist this wild figured set of rosewood for this baritone ukulele.  I’ve got to continue reminding myself that these heavily figured woods can be a real challenge to work with.  Sigh!  Tough to bend […]

Sugi Tenor Ukulele

This is the Sugi Tenor Ukulele.  This is simple build and a figured wood extravaganza! It’s All About the Wood Back and Sides:  Curly Honduran Mahogany. Sound Board:  Japanese Sugi (cryptomeria japonica a member of the cedar family) from the Big Island of Hawaii.  This is a new wood for me and one that I’ve […]

Pride and Mango Tenor Ukulele

My kinda build is this Pride and Mango Tenor Ukulele–it’s a Hawaiian thing. It’s All About the Wood Body:  Pride of India from Hawaii.  Looks a little like  Honduran mahogany but with a bit more grain pattern and distinct curl.  This is Lagerstroemia speciosa or Crepe Myrtle.  This must have been one freak’n big tree […]

Burl and Burl Tenor Ukulele

I’m running out of names for these instruments.  Here’s the Burl and Burl Tenor Ukulele now on it’s way to sunny and hot Virginny. It’s All About the Wood Back and Sides:  my private stash curly, burly Oregon Myrtle.  This wood will oxidize a touch over the years reducing the yellow tones.   Sound Board:  […]

Curly Burly Tenor Ukulele

Guess I’m not done with the burl thing yet.  Here’s the latest, a  Curly Burly Tenor Ukulele.  This is a standard tenor. It’s All About the Wood Body:  Asian Camphor Burl.  Now, I built one out of this wood maybe 2012 but wasn’t a big fan at the time.  But seeing as how I couldn’t […]

Gotta Have Curl Ukulele

Some like it hot and some Gotta Have Curl Ukulele. It’s all about the Wood Body:  Curly African Pomelle Sapele.  I’m still not tired of the look of this wood. It’s got mega looks and chatoyance.  This is the first I have seen with a sap wood inclusion. Sound Board:  Curly Western Redwood.  I’ve said […]

Summer Koa Tenor Ukulele

Summer is here and here’s the first of the season, the Summer Koa Tenor Ukulele.  It’s a standard shape. It’s all about the Wood Body:   Hawaiian Koa.  I haven’t done an all koa instrument in some time.  This particular set of crinkle and compression was originally started as a custom build.  Well, stuff happens. The […]

Your Basic Baritone Ukulele

This is Your Basic Baritone Ukulele. It’s all about the wood. Back and sides:  African Pomelle Sapele.  Well, I guess this isn’t your basic back and sides.  I still can’t get enough of this look.  This is the new baritone size and shape. Sound Board:  Alaskan bearclaw Sitka Spruce.  Well, I guess this isn’t just […]

Bearclaw Spruce and Tree Ukulele

I’m not quite out of “the tree” wood as yet.  Here’s another Bearclaw Spruce and Tree Ukulele. It’s all about the wood. Body:  “The Tree” Honduran Mahogany.  This is a one piece back.  If you can’t get the book match then I think this will do the trick.  Plenty of tortoise figure here.  Sides are […]

Burl and Cedar Concert Ukulele

By request, here is a Burl and Cedar Concert Ukulele.  Let the fun factor never stop!   It’s all about the woods. Back and Sides:  Another set of Australian Brown Mallee Burl. Sound Board:  Western Red Cedar.  To compliment the tone of this wood I used a lower density bracing of Alaskan Sitka Spruce–good choice. […]