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Blond Koa Baritone Ukulele

In the post yesterday is this Blond Koa Baritone Ukulele. It’s all about the wood Body:  all blond and curly Koa–a look that keeps on giving. Accent Woods: chocolate curly Koa. Binding and purfling:  chocolate curly Koa with black/maple fiber purfling accents.  Simple yet elegant. Neck:  Honduran Mahogany with carbon truss rod. Fretboard and bridge:  […]

New Tenor Ukulele New Wood

New Tenor Ukulele New Wood. It’s all about the wood! Back and Sides:  Pomelle Sapele with curly mango back strip.  I’ve been trying to find this wood for a couple of years and recently lucked upon a new supplier back east.  Me so lucky!!!! It’s beautiful.  Well, it’s beautiful if you like figured, red-brown wood.  […]

All Mahogany Tenor Ukulele

After all the instruments that I have made, I’ve finally made and All Mahogany Tenor Ukulele. The Woods Body and Sound Board:  Jaguar scratch (that’s what we are calling the figure) Honduran Mahogany.  I only wish that my pictures were better to show the wonderful figure and color of this wood.  Around every knot in […]

Myrtle Port Orford Baritone Ukulele

I didn’t have to select any of the woods for this Myrtle Port Orford Baritone Ukulele.  My client did all the leg work. The Woods Body:  Curly and colorful Oregon Myrtle.  You know, the Koa of the Pacific Northwest. Sound Board:  Curly Port Orford Cedar–yummy and warm. Neck:  Honduran Mahogany with carbon truss rod.   I […]

Blond Double Puka Ukulele

I just got strings on this Blond Double Puka Ukulele. The Woods Body:  curly, blond Koa.  Gotta love this look in Koa.  I don’t find much “blond” for sure and it is my favorite koa color. Binding:  curly Hawaiian Mango with maple/black accents. Accent woods:  curly Hawaiian Mango. Neck:  Honduran mahogany with carbon tone bar […]

Guam and Mango Ukulele

This is the Guam and Mango Ukulele. The Theme It’s a Guam thing.  The headstock and fretboard inlays and laser cut pictograph are definitely important to this new owner.  Yes he is from Guam. The Woods Body:  Hawaiian Mango.  I love this look in Mango–curl, color and intriguing grain.  It’s interesting how Mango grown in […]

Black and White Ebony Ukulele

Here’s a peek at the latest Black and White Ebony Ukulele. The Woods Body:   Asian Black and White Ebony with India Rosewood laminate sides.  My client and provider of this wood requested laminate sides for this instrument.   “Laminate” might be considered a bad word by some but if you want strength and stability then lamination […]

Hawaiian Springtime Tenor Ukulele

It’s always a great event in Hawaii when the first Humpback Whale arrives.  My celebration of that event is the Hawaiian Springtime Tenor Ukulele. The Woods The client picked all the woods and the inlay for this instrument and even contacted Kamuela Hardwoods in Hawaii for the Milo.  This is a standard tenor. Back and […]

My First 21″ Baritone Ukulele

It’s still the year of the Baritone here.  This is My First 21″ Baritone Ukulele.   The Woods Body:  Does it get any better?  This is the sister set of curly, Hawaiian Koa shown on the Curly Koa Curly Maple Tenor Ukulele Binding:  curly, Hawaiian Mango with maple/black purfling accents. Neck:  Honduran Mahogany. Accent woods:  […]

Claro and Cedar Baritone Ukulele

Here is a great combination of tonewoods for small instruments.  This is the Claro and Cedar Baritone Ukulele. The Woods Body:  Western Claro Walnut.  Good color, good figure and medium low density. Sound Board:  Western Red Cedar.  Tonally, I think cedar is warmer than redwood. Neck:  Western Black Walnut with Eastern Cherry lamination.  I laminated […]