Hale Ukulele Kimos In Stock

Hale Ukulele in San Diego has been closed, as are most businesses presently, because of the virus situation.  I talked to Ric the other day and we decided that it might be a good idea to let you know that he really stocked-up well just before he had to close:  Pono, Islander, Kala, Koaloha, Pepe and, of course, Kimo.   So here’s a recap of some of Hale Ukulele Kimos in Stock–just in case you have an itch.  The complete story and pictures of each instrument can be accessed on the first two pages of my “news/available” page.

Hale Fare 5–a long neck concert in all Koa.

Purple Rain–can’t get enough super tenor purple in quilt maple and swiss moon spruce.

Hale Fare #2–super  tenor  in  ambrosia  maple  and  ancient  spruce

Myrtle and Walnut Tenor Ukulele–classic tenor shape


If you have any interest, Ric is available for consultation at 858-414-4492 or call/text me  at 760-585-6352.

I sincerely hope  you are all well and getting in lots of practice!  Next new post coming this Friday.

Hey, if you have the time check out Lawson Brochill on Instagram playing a Django rendition on his Kimo (sorry don’t have the link).