Uncle Willy’s Baritone Ukulele - Custom Build-Sold

This is Uncle Willy’s Baritone Ukulele.

Uncle Willy's Baritone Ukulele

Custom baritone ukulele.

It’s All About the Wood

BodyHonduran Rosewood.  Willy’s last one was Brazilian.  I couldn’t resist this wild figured set of rosewood for this baritone ukulele.  I’ve got to continue reminding myself that these heavily figured woods can be a real challenge to work with.  Sigh!  Tough to bend and prone to cracking.  I just barely managed with this one–barely!  Tonally, the rosewoods really shine on instruments that are this size and larger.

Uncle Willy's Baritone Ukulele

Wild Honduran rosewood body.

Sound Board:  Another set of Canadian, bearclaw Sitka Spruce.

Uncle Willy's Baritone Ukulele

Canadian, bearclaw Sitka spruce soundboard.

Fret Board and Bridge:  Keeping it traditional with African Ebony.  Radiused and with gold frets.  Scale is 21″ with 15 frets to the body.  Humpback whale inlay of black and white MOP on the 7th fret.

Uncle Willy's Baritone Ukulele

Humpback whale on the 7th fret.

Neck:  Honduran Mahogany with carbon truss rod.

Accent Woods:  Masur Birch with turquoise blue purfling.

The Rest of the Build

Nut and Saddle:  stained bone.

TunersGotoh UPT.

Uncle Willy's Baritone Ukulele

Masur Birch accents.

StringsOasis baritone linear.

CaseCrossrock ABS.


Uncle Willy's Baritone Ukulele

Gotoh Tuners.


Uncle Willy is true Hawaiian and loves his slack key.  He goes way back and was well acquainted with the late, great slack key master Sonny Chillingsworth.  I think he has three of these instruments now and they are all tuned differently some to Sonny’s own tunings.  Two weeks ago Uncle Led had a visit and Willy had to have him test ride his baritone ukes.  I got a phone video of the event.  Yup, got a good review from all.   Me so happy!  Thanks Willy, Led and all who tested.  Thanks Willy for being so kind to order and for being so patient thru the builds. Uncle Willy’s Baritone Ukulele no ka oi!