Under Bridge String

Hey You all!  Nothing new but reworking old ideas.  This under-the-bridge string knot I copied from Nahenahe Ukulele of Maui over 20 years ago.  Don’t let anybody tell you it’s something new and different.  I see that a lot of custom builders are starting to use this technique for stringing newer instruments.   There are some some logical reasons:  clean, easy, and transfers some of the tension of the string from under the bridge and sound board not just from on top of the sound board–seems logical.

So here’s the deal:  after removing old strings, thread a new string through the appropriate hole and feed out of the sound hole.  If you use the curl of the string to your advantage then this will happen almost all of the time on the first try.  Now tie a figure eight knot (stopper knot) on the string–this knot does not slip.  Pull the knot reasonably taught and clip the tail to about 3/8″ (8-10mm).  Next pull the knot through the sound hole until it stops under the bridge.  To “set” the knot place a finger of the opposite hand against the bridge and then pull the knot against your finger and not the bridge.  This will set the knot and not put downward pressure on the sound board and bridge.  Tension the strings as normal at the nut and tuners.

I’m so glad I trimmed my fingernails!