Plumeria Flowers Inlay on a new Concert Ukulele

This concert ukulele is the first with a new Plumeria Flowers inlay.  In the past I have used thin-lam products and laser cuts to accomplish this task but decided to try the same flower design with solid mother-of-pearl.

Lemon Drop Myrtle Wood

This custom ukulele is built from Oregon Myrtle.    I am calling the “look” Lemon Drop Myrtle because of the strong yellow colors.  I’ve added red/black purfling to accent the India Rosewood binding.  The accent wood is Oregon Black Walnut Burl and the neck is Honduran Mahogany.

Plumeria Flowers Inlay

Solid White Mother-of-Pearl

The finger board and bridge are Ebony species.  It is interesting that the volume out of these smaller instruments is almost the equal of the tenor ukulele so I’m not sure that the wound low “G” string is a necessity.  This instrument was delivered to Hale Ukulele in San Diego this Wednesday.    The next one will be all Koa.

Black Walnut Burl Accents

Black Walnut Burl Accents