San Francisco Dream Ukulele

This was always referred to as the San Francisco Dream Ukulele, but I like to call it the Tree of Gondor ukulele.  There isn’t anything on this ukulele that would remind one of San Francisco.    Maybe Alcatraz or the San Francisco Bay Bridge on the head stock would have been appropriate!  This is a standard tenor shape.

san francisco dream ukulele

Spalted Hawaiian Koa

A real woodsy build for sure.  I used salvaged, spalted koa for the body, African wenge for the neck, and blond pomelle bubinga for the accent woods.  These are very unusual woods to be using on a musical instrument but that was the request and I think we achieved the visual effect desired.   Originally, this build was going to be using California and Oregon woods, but we kinda got sidetracked.

spalted Hawaiian koa on the san francisco dream ukulele

Nice stacked curl

Dark blue purfling and blue paua abalone really added to the look.

Abalone purfling on the san francisco dream ukulele

Blue on blue purfling accents

The head stock inlay of the tree of Gondor is by artist Larry Robinson.   I thought I had a better picture but will have to do with this one.

head stock inlay

Tree of Gondor head stock inlay by artist Larry Robinson

These woods are not without their issues for sure but the final instrument was more than pleasing to the eye and to the ear as well.  That’s all that really counts in the end.

The San Francisco Dream Ukulele did go to San Francisco!