A New Super Baritone Ukulele

New Super Baritone Ukulele - Custom Build-Sold

I've been busy!  Here's the first of a large batch of new instruments.  I'm calling this a New Super Baritone Ukulele. So What's so New? Shape:  I guess I should discuss this first.  I and my client have been enamored with the Santa…
A New Super Baritone Ukulele

She’s a real cutie, a Mexican beauty. . . . .

I need to write Jimmy Buffett and give him these words--could be the making of a great song. Here is a new instrument made from Mexican Palo Escrito (a genuine rosewood).  This is one of those "off the grid"  woods that hasn't been over…
A New Super Baritone Ukulele

Cut-a-way Tenor Ukulele

Here's a trio of tenor ukulele with soft cut-a-way design that have gone out lately.