Pretty in Pink

You know, sometimes it pays to try something different.  This tenor uke is made from Carob wood. I’ve never heard of this wood and have never used this wood before and I don’t expect that when my present stock is gone that I will ever use it again.  I was suprised at the warm tone of  this wood.  It is a non-endangered species harvested here in sunny San Diego.  The pink/red tones of this wood do not fade with time but increase in intensity as the wood oxidizes.  The neck is made from Bass Wood (light and stable–of course with carbon fiber reinforcement) and I thought it matched the sap wood of the Carob pretty well.   All of  the wood accents are figured African Bubinga including the finger board. My arched finger board is a little narrower in order to accommodate a smaller hand.  I used red heart abalone purfling to accent the pink of the wood and added red paua abalone plumeria flowers to the sound board–definitely a chick ukulele.