The Tree, Burl and Redwood Ukulele - Sold

Here’s the latest The Tree ukulele.  For lack of better terminology I’ll call it The Tree, Burl and Redwood Ukulele.  This is a super tenor shape.


It’s all about the wood.

BodyThe Tree Honduran mahogany–tortoise curl.  The sides are doubled with straight quarter-sawn Honduran mahogany.  There’s a whole thing out there now with compound sides (for lack of better terminology) and what this adds to the instrument.  Well, more work, that’s for sure!  I’m resisting calling this a plywood although I guess it is–there are plywoods and then there are plywoods.   Added strength, better sound?  Only time will tell as more and more high-end builds are produced using this technique.

The Tree, Burl and Redwood Ukulele

Tortoise curl The Tree mahogany with mallee burl center strip.

Sound BoardFort Ross Chapel redwood–super nice!  Bracing is Adirondak spruce.

Neck:  curly Honduran mahogany with The Tree lamination.  Carbon fiber truss rod.  Sanded finish–super smooth.

The Tree, Burl and Redwood Ukulele

Curly Honduran neck with The Tree lamination.

Binding and RosettePomelle Sapele with sea foam green/black fiber purfling.   It’s a pretty subtle green.  Looks almost white in the pictures.

The Tree, Burl and Redwood Ukulele

Pomelle Sapele binding with sea foam green/black purfling.

Accent Wood:  Australian brown Mallee Burl.    I used this with The Tree on the head stock with a black epoxy river down the center.

The Tree, Burl and Redwood Ukulele.

The Tree and Mallee burl head stock veneer.

Finger Board and BridgeBrazilian rosewoodSapele binding on the fret board with white MOP fret markers on the side only.  Martin 16″ radius.

Nut and Saddle:  brown stained bone.  White is cool on light builds but I’m really liking this vintage bone look on the darker builds.

The rest of the build.

TunersGotoh UPT.

StringsPepe Romero flourocarbon with wound low “G”.

CaseCrossrock fiberglass.

The Tree, Burl and Redwood Ukulele

Crossrock comfort.


I don’t think I left anything out?  The sound on this one is deeper, warmer and fuller than the last although the builds were almost identical.  This I would attribute to the size of the instrument since the last was a standard tenor.  I only put strings on today so it’s a bit early to give a more accurate opinion but it’s starting to come to life.  I think this The Tree, Burl and Redwood Ukulele is a winner.