Hawaiian Moon Koa Tenor Ukulele

Here’s a tenor koa ukulele delivered to Hale Ukulele last week.   This instrument, a Hawaiian Moon Koa Tenor Ukulele,  is made from  Koa wood from the Big Island of Hawaii and is another example of how beautiful this wood is.  This piece of wood exhibits heavy figure type curl and is light in color with a great sapwood feature.

hawaiian moon koa tenor ukulele

Hawaiian moon koa tenor ukulele


I’ve added a hawaiian moon/palm tree inlay to the tongue of the finger board.  The inlay is made from white mother-of-pearl shell.  A little bling without detracting from the beauty of the Koa.

hawaiian moon koa tenor ukulele

Afzalia burl back strap, red fiber accent and gold Gotoh tuners

I’m calling this a standard build now, which includes almost all the bells and whistles:  blue paua abalone rosette, side sound port, carbon fiber truss rod, white MOP fret markers, bone nut and saddle, India Rosewood binding, colored fiber purfling for top, sides and neck of instrument, Afzalia burl accent woods, gold “evo” frets. gold Gotoh UPT geared tuners and GHS flourocarbon strings.  Don’t think I left anything out.

hawiian moon koa tenor ukulele

Koa figure, color, grain and sapwood appeal