Myrtle and Myrtle Tenor Ukulele

Here’s another Oregon Myrtle Wood ukulele.  I’m calling it the Myrtle and Myrtle Tenor Ukulele because it is both body and sound board of Oregon Myrtle Wood.


Myrtle Wood is approximately the same density as Hawaiian Koa Wood.  The sound and tonal qualities of instruments made out of these woods is pretty much the same.  Both woods offer amazing “looks” and alternative appearances.  Both woods have an amazing chatoyance as well. Here the back and sides are chocolate Myrtle while the top is a lighter “frogs hair curl”.  My myrtle wood supplier is Vince Strauss at Pacific Coast Woods.  He’s been in the business for over 25 years and his collection of Myrtle Wood for musical instruments is beyond comparison.

myrtle and myrtle tenor ukulele

Myrtle wood top, back and sides.

I complimented this build with a neck of African Black Limba because it looks almost the same as the Myrtle Wood.  Just trying to keep it fun, of course!

myrtle and myrtle tenor ukulele

Black Limba neck.

The rest of the build remains standard with the exception of the blue abalone purfling and rosette with red/black fiber accents.

myrtle and myrtle tenor ukulele

Afzalia wood burl accents.


If I had only Myrtle to build with I wouldn’t have a problem!