Ancient Spruce and Myrtle Super Tenor Ukulele

I have another good match for the Ancient Spruce tops–dark and curly Oregon Myrtle.  This is the Ancient Spruce and Curly Myrtle Super Tenor Ukulele.

ancient spruce and myrtle super tenor ukulele

Myrtle. Oregon’s Koa alternative.

I’m glad that John requested this combination of woods because I was in la-la land about how best to display the next set of ancient spruce wood.  Previously I used only Ambrosia Maple back and sides, but this dark and light curly Oregon Myrtle wood is a good alternative.

ancient spruce and myrtle super tenor ukulele

3000 year old salvage Alaskan Spruce sound board.

I think you all already know the story behind the 3000 year old spruce.  Sourced from an Alaskan glacier by Brent at Alaska Specialty Woods.  The Oregon Myrtle is also from dead trees and is from Vince at Pacific Coast Woods.  These guys really know their craft and I highly respect their attention to details with instrument grade woods.

ancient spruce and myrtle super tenor ukulele

Ancient spruce up close and personal.

It might not look it, but this is one of the better pieces of ancient spruce I have yet to work with and shows  less distress than some of the tops I have used.  But, hey, it’s 3000 years old!

I am using black or in this case white African Limba for the necks on most of my myrtle and mango instruments since it is such a good match color-wise, light in weight and the wood is stable and easy to shape although not available in one piece dimensions.

ukulele backstrap

Asian satin wood burl eyes.

Originally we were going to use turquoise recon stone for the accents and sound hole rosette but the myrtle sound hole and red/black purfling actually made for a more eloquent look.   I’m glad that John made that decision as well.

The Accent wood is Asian Satin Wood burl.  We added a MI-SI pickup just in case.  And there you go–a one of a kind and one good sounding Ancient Spruce and Myrtle Super Tenor Ukulele!