Chocolate Curly Koa Tenor Ukulele - Sold

This is the first instrument to come out of the shop this year.  I’m calling it the Chocolate Curly Koa Tenor Ukulele.  2022 will see more builds with very special woods like this.

Chocolate Curly Koa Tenor Ukulele

Gotta have curly Koa.

The Woods

Body:  It’s pretty obvious this is very curly Koa.  Originally meant for a concert, I was able to squeak out this standard tenor. I’m not rating koa with an A-5A rating any longer.  Koa wood has so many varied looks. What  might look 3A to me might be 5A to a client.  I’d rate this kinda special.

Chocolate Curly Koa Tenor Ukulele

Stacked curly Koa.

Finger Board and Bridge: This is a special Rosewood.  I’ve used a lot of Amazon Rosewood in the past finding it’s color and figure to be compatible and eye-pleasing.  This is a different variety.  I believe the tap tone of these rosewoods to be superior to ebony.

Chocolate Curly Koa Tenor Ukulele

Rosewood finger board and bridge with offset fret markers.

Neck:  California Black Walnut with a lamination of curly Mango wood.

Chocolate Curly Koa Tenor Ukulele

Black walnut neck with Mango lamination.

Binding and Rosette:  Curly Mango wood with black/maple purfling.

Chocolate Curly Koa Tenor Ukulele

Walnut and Mango neck.

Accent woods:  Curly Mango Wood.

The Rest of the Build

Headstock:  This is the second time I’ve used this Fender-style offset.  I’m warming up to it and think I might make it a standard.  With this one, since I didn’t have enough of the curly Koa to do a complete headstock face, I used some more of that curly Mango.  The wavy pattern between the two is new and may be in some future builds as well.  Gotta have some fun here!

Chocolate Curly Koa Tenor Ukulele

Just having some fun with a new standard.

Strings:  Pepe Romero low “G”.

CaseCrossrock ABS in beautiful blue.

Chocolate Curly Koa Tenor Ukulele

Crossrock in Blue.

The Bottom Line:  I’d have to say that this instrument has a typical Koa sound.  In combination with my “X” bracing and the standard side port I can’t make too many complaints.  The wound low “G” gives it a bit more punch and volume.  The 17″ scale is easy to play with just the right amount of  string tension.  On a good solid surf swell you might hear the term “stacked to the horizon”.   Well, this Chocolate Curly Koa Tenor Ukulele definitely has that look.