Curly Curly Koa Super Tenor Ukulele - Sold

I’m trying to keep at least one all Koa instrument in the build schedule now at all times.  This is another “builders choice” that just got snatched up for a Christmas gift.  This is the Curly Curly Koa Super Tenor Ukulele.  I think I could have called this the Triple H Uke (for Hawaiian) as well but think that moniker is taken by the WWE?

Curly Curly Koa Super Tenor

All Koa super tenor.

The Woods

Body:  Curly Hawaiian Koa.

Curly Curly Koa Super Tenor

Billet matched Koa.

Binding:  Blond, curly Hawaiian Koa with yellow/black fiber purfling.

Curly Curly Koa Super Tenor Ukulele

Blond, curly Koa binding with yellow/black fiber accents.

Accent woods and Rosette:  Curly Hawaiian Koa.

NeckHonduran Mahogany with carbon fiber truss rod.

Curly Curly Koa Super Tenor Ukulele

Honduran neck with koa accents.

Fretboard and BridgeAmazon Rosewood. I think ebony/black would have gone well with this build but I really do like the appearance and tonal qualities of rosewood fretboards.   I acquired this Amazon Rosewood fingerboard and bridge  in my latest “woodfinder” trip to Gilmer Woods in Portland Oregon.  Score!

The Rest of the Build

TunersGotoh UPT geared 4:1

StringsPepe Romero flourocarbon with wound low “G”.


Curly Curly Koa Super Tenor Ukulele

Gotta love that curl.

CaseCrossrock Fiberglass.

Did I miss anything?

Don’t think so!  Since the new owner is a regular performer amplification is added.  Mi-Si is my preferred at the present.  I actually went out and splurged on a new acoustic amp to really test tonal response and sound quality.  I’m very pleased with the result.  This instrument is both a good acoustic and amplified performer.  Oh, and the Curly Curly Super Tenor Ukulele  looks pretty cool as well!

My best wishes for a great holiday season to you all!