Claro Walnut and Cedar Tenor Ukulele - Custom Build-Sold

Another week and another uke.  This is the Claro Walnut and Cedar Tenor Ukulele.

Claro Walnut and Cedar Tenor Ukulele

Great color combination.


The Story

Well, this build was a request by a talented young violinist in the area.  He definitely had a vision in mind for the ukulele since it didn’t really take that long for him to make his wood selections.  I wasn’t sure about the Mango Binding and the abalone purfling but, I try my best not to get in the way too much.  The back and sides were picked purely for appearance and the cedar sound board for it’s tonal qualities.  Super Tenor shape.  Done!

The Woods

Back and SidesClaro Walnut from Vince at Pacific Coast Woods.  You know how I like walnut ukuleles so I was very pleased to show this spectacular set.


Claro Walnut and Cedar Tenor Ukulele

Claro Walnut back and sides.

Sound Board:  I have two sets of this striped Western Cedar.  It’s a little different than some of the cedars I have.  I felt it a bit harder and somewhat stiffer than the usual–something like the Alaskan Earthtone Cedars but with a more open grain.  Great tap tone and sustain.

Claro Walnut and Cedar Tenor Ukulele

Cedar Sound Board.

NeckCalifornia Black Walnut with matching Mango Laminate.  I decided on the black walnut neck and since we have the mango laminate on the back of the instrument I matched with the neck.

Claro Walnut and Cedar Tenor Ukulele

Black Walnut neck with mango lamination.

BindingCurly Hawaiian Mango with fuchsia/black accent.  I am so impressed with the curly mango binding that I’m putting it into another new all Koa ukulele.

Purfling and Rosette:  Blue Paua Abalone.

Accent Woods:  all curly Hawaiian Mango.

Finger Board and BridgeMunn Ebony.

The Rest of the Build

Tuners Gotoh UPT.

Claro Walnut and Tenor Ukulele

Mango wood accents all around and black Gotoh UPT tuners.

CaseCrossrock Fiberglass.

StringsPepe Romero flourocarbon with wound low “G”.


I expected more warmth from the cedar but found it to be a bit brighter–hmmm!  As usual the strings hadn’t fully stretched in at the time of pick-up so  I’m thinking that the Claro Walnut and Cedar Tenor Ukulele combination is going to open up substantially with a little playing time.  There definitely were smiles all around.

Getting close to Christmas, y’all!