Hoe Wa’a Koa Tenor Ukulele - Custom Build-Sold

You might suspect a theme here.  This is the second tenor ukulele for my paddling brahs up in the Bay Area.  This is the Hoe Wa’a Koa Tenor Ukulele.

Hoe Wa'a Koa Tenor Ukulele

Woodsy Koa Look.

The Woods

BodyCurly Koa custom picked by client.  After looking at at least a dozen sets this is the one that “spoke to him”.

Hoe Wa'a Koa Tenor Ukulele

Top, back and side match.

Neck:  Honduran Mahogany with Koa/red fiber lamination.

Hoe Wa'a Koa Tenor Ukulele

Honduran neck with Koa/red fiber lamination.

Accent Woods:  Hawaiian Mango.

Binding and PurflingIndia Rosewood with red/black fiber and Pink “Heart” Abalone.

The Rest of the Build

Laser CutsOld English initials on the Headstock and  0C-1 paddler on the sound board.  If the laser cuts aren’t too deep and placed appropriately they can be a nice addition.  This one placed above the bridge allows for decent size without interfering with sound board adjustments.

Hoe Wa'a Koa Tenor Ukulele

OC-1 paddler laser cut on sound board.

Finger Board and BridgeAmazon Rosewood.

Nut and Saddle:  unbleached bone.

StringsPepe Romero flourocarbon with wound low “G”.

Hoe Wa'a Koa Tenor Ukulele

Pink Heart Abalone purfling.

TunersGotoh UPT

Case:  Flaming Red Crossrock Fiberglass .


The Sweet Mango Tenor Ukulele and this instrument left for the north country at the same time.  Fortunately I was able to do a sound comparison on the two very different materials used for the instruments.  As expected the Mango Uke was a touch warmer than the Koa–the Koa Uke a little brighter.  Individually, each instrument has very good presence and definitely fit the bill in volume, sustain, and tonal quality.  No complaints here. Sometimes I don’t have the strings on long enough to fully set before they leave.  I expect improvements within a week or so.

The Hoe Wa’a Koa Tenor Ukulele should make for some nice after paddle mele.