I’m a Sap for Sapwood!

Here’s a new tenor with a wood that I have built with before.  My client just loved the look and I do too.  Personally, I love variation in the wood such as this sap wood center (click on the pictures for a closer look).  I’m not as fortunate as some of the builders on the Big Island to have access to some really great 5A curl and color.  Occasionally I do run across some pretty Koa and I believe that this is representative.  I’ve used vintage style rope purfling and back strip with east India rosewood binding to accent.  The fret board and bridge are Macassar ebony.   Otherwise, pretty straight forward and functional.  Amplification is with MI-SI under saddle piezo.

I haven’t built an ukulele without multiple sound holes in a long time.  I think they are here to stay.