Burl and Burl Tenor Ukulele - Custom Build-Sold

I’m running out of names for these instruments.  Here’s the Burl and Burl Tenor Ukulele now on it’s way to sunny and hot Virginny.

Burl and Burl Tenor Ukulele

Gold/brown mallee burl, ebony and opal fret board.

It’s All About the Wood

Back and Sides:  my private stash curly, burly Oregon Myrtle.  This wood will oxidize a touch over the years reducing the yellow tones.

Burl and Burl Tenor Ukulele

Curly, burly Oregon Myrtle.


Sound Board:  tight, vertical grain Oregon Port Orford Cedar.  Unlike the warm tones of the figured POC that I have built with before this grain is super bright with great sustain.   This wood is in short supply and highly desired.   A good match for the medium density myrtle.

Burl and Burl Tenor Ukulele

Super tight grained Oregon Port Orfor Cedar soundboard.

NeckOregon Black Walnut with Myrtle lamination.  The walnut is slightly figured as is the lamination.  Carbon truss rod always.

Burl and Burl Tenor Ukulele

Oregon black walnut neck with myrtle lamination.

Head Stock Face, finger board and bridge:  Let the fun begin!  This is another combination of Australian Gold/brown Mallee Burl with ebony.  I’m accentuating the live edge of the burl wood with synthetic black opal since it is almost impossible to match the union of the two woods without similar concept.  You would think that this much opal would be a bit garish but it’s not.  I think it is a very natural and organic look.  Radiused with gold “evo” frets.

Burl and Burl Tenor Ukulele

Mallee burl, ebony and black opal headstock face.

BindingOregon curly Claro Walnut with maple/black purfling.

Accent WoodOregon Big Leaf Maple Burl.

Burl and Burl Tenor Ukulele

Maple burl accents.

The Rest of the Build

Tuners:   Gotoh UPT.

StringsPepe Romero flourocarbon with wound low “G”.


CaseCrossrock fiberglass.

Burl and Burl Tenor Ukulele

Crossrock fiberglass comfort.

Fret Board Markers:  gold MOP.

Nut and Saddle:  brown stained bone.


This instrument started as a build featuring woods from the Pacific Northwest.  But, the client intercepted with a request for a burl and ebony neck.  We got close with a lot of Oregon woods.  I like the sound and hopefully it will compliment her previous build.  I’m not done with my burl endeavors yet but for the time I hope you enjoy this new Burl and Burl Tenor Ukulele.