Myrtle and Black Walnut Ukulele

One of my favorite ukulele woods is Black Walnut.  This particular set of wood is from Oregon and is a variation or hybrid of the standard.  This variation is a lower density wood than Claro Walnut.  For a sound board, I have paired the black walnut with a blond, curly Oregon Myrtle.  This is the Myrtle and Black Walnut Ukulele–a standard tenor.

myrtle and black walnut ukulele

Blond, curly Oregon Myrtle

I’m trying to find acceptable alternatives for neck wood.  Here I am using domestic black walnut with a blond myrtle stringer.  Presently, black walnut is readily available and of moderate price.  I’ts a bit harder to shape than Honduran mahogany and just a touch heavier but not enough to be really noticeable.  Black Walnut–check!

myrtle and black walnut ukulele

Black walnut and myrtle neck.

Accent woods are Asian Satin Wood burl–a perfect match with the black walnut.  Otherwise, I kept it simple with just a blue abalone rosette and red/black fiber accents.

myrtle and black walnut ukulele

Cool! Asian Satin Wood burl backstrap.

The walnut is a lower density than the myrtle.  Sound-wise the myrtle compares with Hawaiian koa.  The combination is definitely easy to listen to with good low ends and bright trebles without sounding thin.

myrtle and black walnut ukulele

Oregon black walnut is pretty darn classy.

A Myrtle and Black Walnut Ukulele is always a fave in my book.  Oh, this instrument will probably be available at Hale Ukulele soon.