Claro Walnut Baritone Ukulele

I just got back from a week off.  Before I left, I delivered this Claro Walnut Baritone Ukulele.  A few posts back you might have seen a claro walnut long neck concert ukulele which looked very similar.

claro walnut baritone ukulele

Sinker redwood sound board.

This instrument sports a Sinker Redwood sound board.  I have found this wood somewhat problematic to work with and finishing requires a lot more effort than with non-sinker woods, but the sound is definitely quality.  Very easy to play with really nice notes mid-neck.

claro walnut baritone ukulele

Curly claro walnut baritone ukulele back and sides.

My favorite part of the build is the neck.  Per my clients request, the neck is 1/16 inch wider and radiused.  She also wanted something different than the standard mahogany.   The end result is a color matching black walnut neck with black walnut stringer and red fiber accents to match that of the body.  This looks really cool, at least in my opinion, subtle and classy.

claro walnut baritone ukulele

Black walnut neck with black walnut stringer.

The accent wood is Oregon Myrtle which can be seen on the back strap, back and sound hole of the instrument.

claro walnut baritone ukulele

Claro walnut and sinker redwood.

Rosewood finger board/bridge, India Rosewood binding, Mi-Si amplification, Gotoh tuners, and Romero La Bella strings finished it off.

A Claro Walnut Baritone Ukulele with Sinker Redwood soundboard—nokaoi!