5 String Super Tenor Ukulele - Custom Build-Sold

Got a request for another 100 year old Pier Piling instrument.  It seems that a lot of individuals have some attachment to San Diego History and the Navy.  Here’s a 5 String Super Tenor Ukulele with that special wood as a sound board.

5 string super tenor ukulele

100 year old Pier Piling Douglas Fir sound board.

These pier piling builds are turning out to be challenging for sure.  So far, I think that I have made about 7 instruments with the Pier Piling Douglas Fir and every one of the builds has presented different problems with gluing and finishing.   Just being upfront here–challenging for sure.

5 string super tenor ukulele

Nothing like a bit of curly Ambrosia Maple.

I have about 4 different looks of Ambrosia Maple back and sides on stock now and I’m totally infatuated with them all.  This particular look is a favorite for sure with it’s warmth and multitude of colors and streaks.  Of course, nothing like a bit of curl to capture the attention as well.

5 string super tenor ukulele

Cutly Koa and Maple binding.

I added more curl with Curly Koa and Maple for binding.

The client requested a stabilized Curly Maple for the fret board and bridge.  With the exception of the neck, which is Honduran Mahogany with an Ambrosia Maple lamination, this build is almost entirely domestic woods.

5 string super tenor ukulele

Honduran Mahogany with Ambrosia Maple compound neck and Maple Burl backstrap.

I used a standard low G set of strings from Pepe Romero and added the high G octave with a spare.  This particular instrument is full and well-balanced and I  think it will be a good strummer or finger picker.  Good volume already but just wait ’till it opens up a bit.

There you go y’all, a 5 String Super Tenor Ukulele with a Pier Piling sound board.