Six String Redwood Baritone Ukulele

Here’s a custom request from back east–a Six String Redwood Baritone Ukulele.

six string redwood baritone ukulele

Curly, old growth, salvage redwood sound board.

The top wood is the feature on this instrument.  Personally picked out by the client, this is an exceptional piece of old growth California Redwood.  It is my understanding that almost all of this type of wood is salvaged from previously cut stump wood.

Redwood is an exceptional tonewood.  It lends a crisp and clear sound to almost any instrument, although it can be difficult to work with.  The curly stuff also has exceptional tonal qualities but it is structurally inferior to the straight grain materials.  It cracks easily under almost any stress.  I have wormed my way around this problem with reinforcements in the critical areas–at least so far.   Fortunately this piece of redwood seemed to be stronger than most, so I am hopeful that it will prevail.

six string redwood baritone ukulele.

Macassar ebony back and sides makes for a good match with redwood.

The back and sides are Macassar rosewood which is an excellent pairing for the focus top.  The accent wood is Asian satin wood burl.  The purfling color is a neutral maple/black combination.

Asian Satin Wood burl back strap and accents.

For strings I used Pepe Romero’s special set for this scale length of 20″ which is a combination of flourocarbon trebles and high tension bass.  I guess you might call this a small parlor sized classical guitar.  It is very easy to play but I think requires good classical techniques for maximum results.