Koa and Pier Piling Fir Ukulele - Custom Build-Sold

This is #3 in the Pier Piling build–a Koa and Pier Piling Fir Ukulele.  This one is a super tenor shape like #1.

koa and pier piling fir ukulele

Koa and pier piling fir are a great match.

I purchased this lovely set of Koa from Notable Woods in the Pacific Northwest maybe 6 years ago.  I know, you’re asking, Koa from the PNW?  Well these people have deep roots in the Big Island and have been legally harvesting and processing fallen Koa trees since 1999.  Their care and attention to proper drying and cutting is exceptional–not to mention having a great eye for the good looking stuff.  This particular set was a little small for a super tenor shape so I added some width with a curly Koa backstrip.  I wasn’t sure about the curl when I first received the koa but what do I know?  Wowsers!

koa and pie piling fir ukulele

Wowsers! Koa curls on top of koa curls.

I made binding from some leftover curly Koa with red and black fiber accents.

koa and pier piling fir ukulele

Curly koa binding with red/black fiber accents.

The neck is California Black Walnut and since my local stocks are not wide enough for solid necks I laminated another curly Koa strip to the center for added width.  The black walnut is a great match with this chocolate brown koa.

koa and pier piling fir ukulele

Black walnut neck with curly koa laminate eye candy.

The finger board and bridge are ebony with Opal fret markers.  And not pictured is a small Opal Manta Ray on the head stock.  The client is a glass blower by trade and wanted to give these accents a try on the uke.

koa and pier piling fir ukulele

Awwww! Family photo.

#4 will be previewed next week but here’s a group photo.

I’ll probably lay off the Pier Piling builds for awhile and rest my eyes, but a Koa and Pier Piling Fir Ukulele sure does look nice.