Macassar Pier Piling Tenor Ukulele - Custom Build-Sold

It’s trash day but also posting day.  Here’s #4 of the Pier Piling request, a Macassar Pier Piling Tenor Ukulele. This is a standard tenor shape.  The goal in this group build was to utilize the special Pier Piling Douglas Fir for each but to make each ukulele unique with a different shape and different back and side wood combination.

macassar pier piling tenor ukulele

100 year old Pier Piling Fir sound board.

I’ll make this one brief, since you already know the details about the Pier Piling wood.

macassar pier piling tenor ukulele

Macassar Ebony back and sides.

Macassar Ebony for back and sides.

macassar pier piling tenor ukulele

Paua Turtle and Purfling

I went with a standard Mahogany neck with Ebony for finger board and bridge.  There’s a Paua Abalone turtle on the tongue of the finger board and Paua Abalone purfling as well.

Mappa Burl wood accents.

The accent wood is Mappa Burl.

All four instruments were strung with Pepe Romero/La Bella flourocarbon strings with wound low “G”.  They all had their unique sound but they all exhibited good sustain with a brightness that I attribute to the Pier Piling soundboard.  All the woods were chosen by the client here at the shop.  I added a few fun items to each of the build pending my mood of the day but that’s about it.

macassar pier piling tenor ukulele

Two Super Tenors and Two Standard.

And, Four to go!