Koa Mix Tenor Ukulele - Sold

Here’s the first spec instrument of 2021.  This is another of my Koa Mix Tenor Ukulele.

koa mix tenor ukulele

A very woodsy koa look.

When I started serious building I wanted to concentrate on instrument sound and the beauty of the wood, but I also wanted to keep my builds fun and sometimes a bit frivolous–ukulele fun!   This tenor ukulele showcases a few different looks in Koa

The sound board and back are a matched set of subtle curl Koa.

koa mix tenor ukulele

Good color match with different curly Koa looks.

The sides are a Koa orphan set I acquired many years ago and exhibits some wild curl and color.

koa mix tenor ukulele

And more Koa.

The accent woods are also various  curly koa woods and there’s also Curly Koa Binding.

koa mix tenor ukulele

Koa, koa and more koa.

I wasn’t sure about the Mappa Burl neck but it goes rather well with the build–another fun factor.  I added a koa center strip for additional width and also to keep with the Koa theme.  The fretboad and bridge are Munn Ebony.

koa mix tenor ukulele

Mappa Burl neck with Koa center strip fun.

Gotoh tuners, Romero Strings and a pretty blue Crossrock ABS case complete the build.

It’s got that Koa sound, that Koa look and plenty ofcurly Koa action to keep your eyes smiling.  I won’t be doing these on a regular basis but I just couldn’t resist to start 2021–definitely Koa Mix Tenor Ukulele fun!