The Jungle Beast Tenor Ukulele - Custom Build-Sold

Had to do it!  The latest out of the shop is The Jungle Beast Tenor Ukulele. This is the kind of instrument I build for myself.  It’s all about the wood baby!

The Jungle Beast Tenor Ukulele

Jaguar Scratch Honduran Mahogany back and sides.

The Woods

Body:  Fresh, or maybe not so fresh, out of the jungles of Honduras is this eclectic set of  “Jaguar Scratch” Mahogany.  That is the name that Rick Hearne of Hearne Hardwoods uses for this unusual figure.   I can’t tell you how many clients I’ve shown this to all of which gave it a ho-hum response. Personally, I love it!

The Jungle Beast Tenor Ukulele

This mahogany glows and glitters with unusual figure.

Sound Board:  Not fresh, but salvaged Cedar from Alaska.  Aging by wind, rain and salt water gives this Earthtone Cedar from Alaska Specialty Woods its unusual appearance and color.  Tonally, this wood is the brightest and has the best sustain of all the woods I am testing at the present.

The Jungle Beast Tenor Ukulele

Earthtone Cedar Sound Board.

Binding and Back Strip:  Offcuts from my figured, blond Bubinga sets also from Hearne and combined with maple/black fiber.

NeckHonduran Mahogany with carbon fiber truss rod.

Finger Board and Bridge:  Brownish Macassar Ebony.

The Jungle Beast Tenor Ukulele

Unusual figure.

Accent Woods:  Figured Hawaiian Mango.

The Rest of the Build

StringsRomero with wound Low “G”.  I like using the same strings initially on all instruments when possible so that I can compare tonal quality of each instrument.  I can change change strings to suit my mood if necessary.

CaseCrossrock Fiberglass

Nut and SaddleBone

Tuners Gotoh 4::1 offset on Headstock for easier access.

My Opinion

Nailed it!  First I paired the top and body materials not so much for the appearance but for the sound.  This particular mahogany compares tonally to “The Tree” sets that I presently have–very bright with good sustain.  Combine tone with striking appearance and chatoyance and I felt I couldn’t go wrong.  The Soundboard is, oh well, the most brilliant that I could find.  The combination is unbelievable.  This instrument barely needs to be touched to sing or maybe scream.  But, watch out for those claws!