Rope Purfling Koa Tenor Ukulele

This Rope Purfling Koa Tenor Ukulele was delivered and sold at Hale Ukulele last month.  I think this instrument is fairly representative of my standard ukulele builds.  Each instrument is complimented with wood binding and colored purfling, exotic accent woods and some features that are usually reserved for more expensive guitars.   I’ve always liked this rope purfling over the bolder rope binding.  It gives the instrument a vintage look without the labor.  I added a matching back strip to complete the look.

rope purfling and koa tenor ukulele

Rope Purfling

It’s not hard to like just about every look of Koa.   This tenor ukulele exhibits a modest figured Koa with good color and chatoyance.  I’ve accented the build with Asian Afzalia burl, black Ebony species finger board and bridge and India Rosewood binding–straight forward and to the point.

rope purfling koa tenor ukulele

Matching back strip

The neck is Honduran Mahogany with carbon truss rod reinforcement and the tuners are Gotoh UPT.  For strings, I used a set of GHS flourocarbon with low “G” giving the instrument an easy-to-play, full and warm sound.   I’ve been introduced to some new string combinations of late and have delivered some instruments with different combinations.  These strings, however, give the new owner a good idea of what the instrument’s basic sound is like and give a good starting point for future changes if desired.

rope purfling koa tenor ukulele

Asian Afzalia burl and Gotoh tuners

Rope Purfling Koa Tenor Ukulele.  Always a crowd pleaser!

rope tenor koa tenor ukulele

The sides just glow