Red Woods Tenor Ukulele - Custom Build-Sold

Guess I’m still in my guitar mode.  Here’s a new instrument with a lot of red woods, a guitar “J” shape and a guitar-like look.  This is the Red Woods Tenor Ukulele.   It’s my super tenor model.

red woods tenor ukulele

Dark Sinker Redwood sound board.

The Sound Board is the darkest piece of Sinker Redwood, that I have yet to come across.  Now what to do with it.  It’s sure not going to go with much with the exception of rosewoods.

red woods tenor ukulele

Figured African Bubinga back and sides.

Brazilian Rosewood would have been nice but it’s terribly expensive and probably not the best wood for an ukulele with it’s low energy strings.  India Rosewood always works well but isn’t as unique as this nice piece of red African Bubinga from Tropical Hardwoods here in Carlsbad.  Perfect!.  This is the African Rosewood.  It’s fairly easy to work and it exhibits a brilliant tap tone.

red woods tenor ukulele

Black and white purfling accents.

I am influenced of late by the beautiful, classic builds coming out of Santa Cruz Guitar Company.  I guess there’s a bit of that look here with these classic woods.  The purfling is a simple black/white combination with India Rosewood binding.

red woods tenor ukulele

Amazon Rosewood finger board and bridge.

The finger board and bridge are a reddish Amazon Rosewood.  This wood has been one of my favorites with Koa builds although I’m seeing dwindling supplies of late.

red woods tenor ukulele

Tasmanian Blackwood neck.

Let’s see, the Neck is Tasmanian Blackwood which is a reddish brown.

red woods tenor ukulele

Maple Burl accentsMaple Burl accents for the back strap, lower bout graft and heal cap.

I’m not sure that the Sinker Redwood is a huge improvement over the reclaimed stump wood that is presently on the market.  It is a lot more difficult to work for sure.   Nevertheless, this combination of woods makes for an instrument that has a lot of punch and character.   The Pepe Romero low “G” strings are an asset for sure.

As usual, case is included because you might get the urge to make this Red Woods Tenor Ukulele  yours!