Paua Moon Koa Tenor Ukulele - Sold at Hale Ukulele

Here’s a peek at a new delivery to Hale Ukulele  this coming week.  This is the Paua Moon Koa Tenor Ukulele.

paua moon koa tenor ukulele

Koa keeps on giving.

Ric asked for an all Koa standard tenor with a bit of bling.  On this ukulele there is Paua purfling with blue fiber accents,

paua moon koa tenor ukulele

Blue Paua abalone purfling and rosette.

and a Paua Moon with palms inlay on the head stock.  Blink–check!

paua moon koa tenor ukulele

Paua moon with black palms on head stock.

That’s not the focus though.  This is really and unusual and exceptional set of koa.  It’s almost chameleon in appearance–with some light it looks almost average plain and then in others “kabaam”!  Too bad it doesn’t turn green as well.  Your average 5A stacked, curly Koa doesn’t do this.

paua moon koa tenor ukulele

A perfectly matched set of golden curly Koa.

Ok, blue fiber accents, Mahogany neck, black Gotoh tuners, Romero flourocarbon strings (low G), India Rosewood fret board and bridge, the last of my Ambonya burl accent wood and a cool Crossrock case.  I think that says it all.

Cozy in a Crossrock case.

Here’s a couple more pictures of the Paua Moon Koa Tenor Ukulele.