Classic Super Tenor Ukulele - Custom Build

A classic request and a classic build for this Classic Super Tenor Ukulele.

classic super tenor ukulele

A classic guitar-style look.

Actually, it took a little time to decide on the sound board if I remember.  We finally settled on some new stock of “old growth” California Redwood.  I’m a little cautious with the curly stuff since it is so darn brittle and prone to cracking–looks great but doesn’t sound any better than this beautiful top.



classic super tenor ukulele

Beautiful “old growth” California redwood sound board.

The back and sides are India Rosewood.  I prefer the dark, deep purple stuff and this set is a classic.

classic super tenor ukulele

India rosewood back and sides accented with curly koa binding and back strip.

Now, I don’t do this often but curly koa binding was requested.  First you’ve gotta have it in stock (?) and then it has to be glued to purfling, cut and thickness sanded.   A bit of a chore but it sure looks great.

classic super tenor ukulele

Curly koa binding with black/white purfling.

The other aspects of the build are classic as well:  ebony finger board and bridge, ebony head stock,  Gotoh guitar-style tuners and no inlays.  I did add a Thomastik Cf27 string to replace the Romero Florocarbon “C”.  There is also Mi-Si amplification. Did I mention a radiused finger board and bridge?

classic super tenor ukulele

Gotoh “open” guitar-style tuners.

I think this is a great combination of woods for this small instrument.  It looks a bit like a Santa Cruz Guitar Company Fire Fly. Well maybe, with it’s retro “J” guitar shape.

To my ear the sound is real spunky and articulate.  I had to keep my dirty, crusty fingers off it, but I think this uke can be played easily or pushed as hard as one might want.

A classic Classic Super Tenor Ukulele.