Paniolo Tenor Ukulele - Sold

This is the Paniolo Tenor Ukulele and it is the the second delivery to Hale Ukulele this week.   Ric was down to only one tenor ukulele so my latest push is to get him a little inventory before the holidays.  I’m re-embracing the classic ukulele shape with these latest instruments.

paniolo tenor ukulele

Golden eyes Koa Wood.

The finished appearance just looks “rustic” to me and with the addition of my red and black “rope-style” accents it just screams “cowboy”.  Yee-haw!

paniolo tenor ukulele

Red/black “rope-style” purfling and sound hole rosette.

The body is built from a perfectly matched set of golden Koa Wood.  This particular Koa has a bunch of little golden “eyes” or maybe water droplets in it in lieu of strong curl.  I don’t think I’ve used  a set of koa yet that I thought didn’t have a unique appearance–this included.

paniolo tenor ukulele

Perfectly matched Koa.

The back strip continues the use of the rope-style accent.

Matching “rope-style” back strip.

Same for the Head Stock.

paniolo tenor ukulele

Accents continue on the head stock.

The accent wood is Hawaiian Mango, the neck is Honduran Mahogany.  In addition, there is India Rosewood binding, an India Rosewood fret board and bridge,  Black Gotoh Tuners, Romero Flourocarbon low “G” strings, and a Crossrock case–Yipee!

Hawaiian mango wood accents.

I can just here those pipi mooing contentedly to the soothing melodies coming from this Paniolo Tenor Ukulele.