Koa Lover’s Tenor - Sold at Hale Ukulele

This is the Koa Lover’s Tenor Ukulele that I am delivering to Hale Ukulele today.

koa lover's tenor

Spalted, crinkle curl koa sound board.

This instrument uses koa parts for which I have no match.  I think this is the second build using non-matched koa. These instruments are unique in that they not only provide a koa sound but a variety of unique appearances of this special wood.  If you can’t make up your mind on what Koa looks the best then this is the instrument for you.

koa lover's tenor

Kauai compression curl back.

The back of this instrument, for example, has a compression Koa that is from the island of Kauai.  I purchased sets about 10 years ago but received sides that did not match.  Lesson learned–know your supplier.  At that time, I really felt that I had to perfectly match all surfaces of my instruments.  I still like a well matched set, but this may be the future for Koa so I am learning to embrace this as a regular alternative.

koa lover's tenor

Mango wood accents.

About 2 years ago I purchased a lot of “orphan” tops from Hearne Hardwoods for use on alternative back and side instruments.

koa lover's tenor

Heavy koa curl sides.

The side stock came from Tropical Hardwoods in Carlsbad where it had been hidden for about 20 years.  I almost lost this piece to Deering Banjo’s.   It wasn’t quite wide enough for a two piece back and top so it set in my shop for another 10 years waiting for a match that never came.

Well, there you go!  Curiously I am becoming fond of the look so expect that you will see more Koa Lover’s Tenor ukuleles in future.