Koa Tenor Ukulele

Ric at Hale Ukulele says “I need more”!  So here’s a Koa Tenor Ukulele ukulele that I built per his request.

koa tenor ukulele

Alternative curl, curly Koa

This alternative curl, curly dark Koa has a lot of visuals going for it.  I have straight curl Koa in stock but, honestly, I get bored with the look.  I don’t see this Koa look from the big builders, so I am thinking that they may not find this appearance desireable.  Who know’s?   It’s hard not to like every look of Koa wood.

koa tenor ukulele

Paua abalone and Paua abalone

This Koa Tenor Ukulele gets a Honduran Mahogany neck with carbon fiber truss rod, a Macassar  Ebony finger board and bridge, Asian Satin Wood burl wood for accents, Paua Abalone purfling and rosette with fuschia/black fiber accent.

koa tenor ukulele

Ouch, what’s not to like!

Hope you like alternative curly Koa like I do?

Ric says, “keep’em coming”!