Rockin’ Moon Concert Ukulele

I’m calling this new instrument the Rockin’ Moon Concert Ukulele.  Built for a local musician, this concert ukulele features custom inlay art taken from a poster announcing one of his gigs.  The gold mother-of-pearl moon head stock inlay was done by luthier friend Dave Sigman of Little River Ukuleles.

rockin' moon concert ukulele

Rockin’ Moon inlay

So, we have a bit of everything here–by request, of course!  The body was made from some salvage Hawaiian Koa that I obtained from Hearne Hardwoods–nice curl, bright colors and grain, and some crazy spalt helped along by a lot of little beetle holes.

rockin' moon concert ukulele

Mexican Ziricote finger board and bridge

rockin' moon concert ukulele

Lots of spalt helped along by numerous beetle holes

The neck is African Black Limba–no beetle holes in this piece.

rockin' moon concert ukulele

African Black Limba Neck–Check!

The finger board and bridge are Mexican Ziricote.  The accent wood is Asian Afzalia Burl.   The binding is India Rosewood.   I think that covers it for the most part.

Rock and roll is here to stay!