My Super Tenor Ukulele

I gave my ukulele away to a friends son some time ago and have been without a replacement. I’ve been hording some really cool woods for a new personal instrument but finally decided on a combination of curly, old growth redwood and India rosewood for My Super Tenor Ukulele.

Salvaged old growth California redwood sound board.

Nothing fancy, just some really nice wood.  The top is curly California Redwood.  What a book match the curl is in this set.  I’ve been told that this wood is stump wood salvage.

Simple herringbone purfling and sound hole rosette.

The back is old growth India Rosewood from Grant at Allied Lutherie.  Love that purple-red color.

Old growth India Rosewood back and sides.

Embellishments were simple with a herringbone purfling and sound hole rosette.  I used a mini-zipper back strip to match.  The accent wood is red Australian Mallee burl.

Australian Mallee burl backstrap.

Hey, that’s about it.  I haven’t used this combination of woods before and I was pleasantly surprised with the beautiful tone of this instrument.  Now I have to find time to play My Super Tenor Ukulele!