Plumeria and Koa Concert Ukulele

This cutie went to Hale Ukulele a month or two ago but didn’t stay too long.  This is the Plumeria and Koa Concert Ukulele.

plumeria and koa concert ukulele

Fifteen frets to the body for better bridge location on the sound board

This is one of my newer concerts with a tenor ukulele scale of 17″.  To compensate for the longer scale I’ve moved the neck to body attachment to the 15th fret.  This brings the bridge a little closer to the sweet spot of the sound board.  This allows for a classic, not enlongated shape for this sized instrument.

plumeria and koa concert ukulele

Nice koa curl

Paua abalone purfling and fuchsia/black fiber accents all around–check!

plumeria and koa concert ukulele

Paua abalone purfling with fuchsia/black accents

For the head stock inlay I used my small plumeria flower cluster cut from both paua abalone and white mother-of-pearl shell.  I use a black veneer here instead of koa since the flowers show much better on this medium.

The longer scale adds a degree of playability and sound that the shorter standard concert scale does not.  The instrument is not out of balance with the slightly longer neck and still fits comfortably in a standard case.

Well, there you go.  I need to get another plumeria and koa concert ukulele going for sure!