Super Curly Super Quilty Super Tenor

Hey gang!  Two posts this week.  I just couldn’t wait to show off this new ukulele since it is leaving the shop today.  This is a Super Curly Super Quilty Super Tenor.

super curly super quilty super tenor

OMG curly California redwood sound board.

My client likes concert sized ukuleles but after playing the “house” super tenor uke she decided that she one in her collection.

The top is California Curly Redwood–stump salvage of course.

super curly super quilty super tenor

Curl and Quilt.

The back and sides are OMG Quilt Big Leaf Maple from the Pacific Northwest.  This is the “tiny bubbbles” look because of the small and tight, well matched quilt. This stuff just glows.  Maple seems to be a neutral sounding tone wood that takes on the characteristics of the sound board and responds readily to the low tension nylon strings of the ukulele.  Maple is not considered to be an endangered species of wood although exceptional quilt and curl is becoming increasingly difficult to find.

super curly super quilty super tenor

Tiny bubbles quilty maple.

Here’s a new neck wood called Mexican Dulce or Mexican Pear which I obtained from local wood purveyors Tropical Exotic Hardwoods in Carlsbad.  Colorwise this is a great color match for the quilt maple and this particular piece of wood also exhibits a very fine almost “froghair” curl.

super curly super quilty super tenor ukulele

Mexican Dulce neck.

The finger board and bridge are ebony species and the accent wood is Asian Afzalia Burl which turns out to be a great color compliment to the redwood sound board and red/black purfling.  Gotoh black UPT’s and Romero/La Bella Low “G” strings finish the build.

acoustic instrument backstrap

Asian Afzalia Burl wood back strap.

I think that from now on that the super tenor ukuleles will come with a Crossrock fiberglass tenor case.  These cases are cushy and warm and fit this wide body shape almost as good as a custom case.

ukulele case

Warm and cozy a great fit this Crossrock fiberglass case.

There you go–or, maybe,  there it goes! It’s Super Curly Super Quilty Super Tenor Saturday.