Myrtle and Bear Cutaway Ukulele

Just put strings on  this Myrtle and Bear Cutaway Ukulele Tuesday.  They are not set yet but this is sounding like a promising instrument.

myrtle and bear cutaway ukulele

Alaska bear claw spruce sound board.

This is a Super Tenor shape with a florentine-style cutaway.  The sides and back are curly, burly Oregon Myrtle.  Myrtle Wood, what can I say, has an infinite number of intriguing appearances.

myrtle and bear cutaway ukulele

Curly, burly Oregon myrtle wood back and sides.

The top is another of my Alaskan Bear Claw Spruce sets from instrument wood purveyors to the stars Alaska Specialty Woods.   You probably already know that most of the wood that I obtain from ASW is salvage and not from living trees.  This vertical scratch bear claw pattern is typical of the woods that I am requesting from them presently.  The myrtle wood is also from fallen trees.

Birdseye maple accents.I’m going to do a few more cut-a-way instruments this year and next but I’m still working on a few details of the build in order to keep my build time frame reasonable.

Something new that I’m also trying is a new rosette material.  Yes, it is dark blue and a little sparkly.  I am using blue/black fiber purfling on this instrument and thought that dark blue sparkle might be just the right touch to “spark” up the appearance.   Ha!  It’s subtle for sure but I think the result is totally acceptable; and, I’ve got a ton of different colors to choose from.

myrtle and bear cutaway ukulele

Dark blue sparkle rosette.

The neck is Black Limba, the fret board, bridge and binding are India Rosewood and the accent wood is natural Birdseye Maple.

myrtle and bear cutaway ukulele

Black Limba is a perfect neck match.

I am now including Crossrock ABS cases as standard on standard and super tenor ukuleles.