Custom Koa Concert Ukulele

Here’s another Custom Koa Concert Ukulele.  I just delivered this cutie to Hale Ukulele earlier this week and it is already gone. I know that’s the point but I need about half a dozen more of these Koa Concert Ukulele.  Custom Koa Concert UkuleleCustom Koa Concert Ukulele

This wood is another example of reclaimed salvage Koa from the Big Island of Hawaii that I received from Allied Lutherie. When I first received this wood, I was not sure what the eventual appearance would be like.  Actually, I have never seen this “look” in Koa before and generally I am looking for more curly stock.  Custom Koa Concert Ukulele The first set of sides broke easily while trying to bend, so I attacked another set with a different approach and more respect and was successful.  I’m really glad since the appearance of this wood is stunning.   It’s not that curly but it has so much character and a wonderfully warm and very woody look.  I used some Pink Heart Abalone for purfling and it really added to the appearance of the instrument without being ostentatious.  Red and black Maple accents and India Rosewood Binding just seemed to complete the look.  The accent wood is Vanuatu Maidou Burl.  To add to the woody look, I used an ebony species that showed some light grey/brown grain.  The neck is Honduran Mahogany–a perfect match.Custom Koa Concert Ukulele

Although the new owner has restrung the instrument to high “G” as his personal preference, I delivered this custom koa concert ukulele with my custom set of GHS flourocarbon tenor strings with low ” G”.  Custom Koa Concert Ukulele

The new owner wrote me the following commentary:  “I’ve always liked the idea of a concert sized instrument, but been disappointed by the sound.  Honestly, I would say this concert really has the “gravitas” of a tenor, with a delightful bouquet of overtones.”   I love this kind of feedback.  Guess I should get busy!