Curly Mango Baritone Please

I’d like a Curly Mango Baritone Please.  That was the request and fortunately I have lots of curly sets on stock at the present.  This particular set of Curly Mango has a little bit of everything–good chocolate colors, some spalt and lots of interesting curl.  You just can’t have enough curl–ya know!

curly mango baritone please

Curly mango wood with chocolate colors, some spalt and lots of interesting curl.

This is a straight forward build with a couple of exceptions.  Instead of the usual India Rosewood for binding I am using a subtle Curly Koa with simple black purfling.  The sound hole rosette and sound board purfling are a simple black and white.  We’re showcasing the curly mango wood.

curly mango baritone please

Simple black and white rosette and purfling with curly koa binding

And, the radiused fret board and bridge are ebony species.  The radius is primarily because of the request for an extra wide neck and string spacing.

curly mango baritone ukulele

The whole enchilada.

I almost always use African Black Limba for the necks on the mango ukes.  For some reason it hasn’t failed to look good with almost every different look of the mango.  I am using a slightly rare Sindora Burl wood for the accents here.

curly mango baritone please

Black limba neck is a great match for mango.

Black Gotoh tuners and Romero flourocarbon strings with a Tomastik CF27  for the “G”.

curly mango wood

Top and back are a perfect match.

This pup has a big warm sound and is extremely easy to play.  I’m sure it will be enjoyed for some time to come.   So, gimme another Curly Mango Baritone Please!