Little Brown Gal Concert Ukulele - Custom Build-Sold

Here’s a project started early on in 2021 and finally finished.  This is the Little Brown Gal Concert Ukulele.

Little Brown Gal Concert Ukulele

Little Brown Gal.

The Woods

Body:  Hawaiian Curly Koa with minor spalting.

Little Brown Gal Concert Ukulele

Flitch matched Koa.

Neck:  Croatian Mappa Burl with internal carbon truss rod.

Little Brown Gal concert Ukulele

Mappa Burl Neck.

Finger Board and Bridge:  Macassar Ebony.

Accent Woods:  Curly Hawaiian Mango.

Little Brown Gal Concert Ukulele

Curly Mango accents.

BindingIndia Rosewood with maple/black fiber accents.

The Rest of the Build

StringsRomero flourocarbon, high “G”


Nut and Saddle:  unbleached bone.

Position Markers:  White MOP

Head Stock InlayLotus Blossom in Abalone and MOP


Little Brown Gal Concert Ukulele

Lotus Blossom head stock inlay.


This is the first traditional scaled concert ukulele that I have built in about 5 years–by request of course.  I favor the tenor scale and string tension.   It might not “sing” quite as much as it might have with the longer scale but I’m not disappointed.  The high “G” gives it a more traditional sound for sure and the Romero strings add a bit of warmth.  The small body still has decent sustain.  It’s easy to play soft and still holds up for some heavier strumming.

The Little Brown Gal Concert Ukulele with that Mappa Burl neck is a cutie for sure!