Your Basic Super Tenor Ukulele - Custom Build

Your Basic Super Tenor Ukulele–Hah!  This instrument is built with the rarish and seldom seen Black and White Ebony.

your basic super tenor ukulele

Black and white ebony–yes!

AND, the Sound Board is the uncommon Swiss Moon Spruce but with bearclaw figure.  This is about as figured as I’ve seen this spruce so far.  Nothing like what I have from Alaska and Canada.  The wood is specially cut and of limited availability.  The low density of this wood is close to that of the salvage spruces that I have received from Alaska though and exhibits super tap tones and play-ability right from the start.

your basic super tenor ukulele

Swiss Moon Spruce with bearclaw figure sound board.

The accent wood is Asian Sindora Burl.  This is a wood that is of limited availability as well.

Oh, I added Curly Koa Purfling.  I used to do stuff like this when I was building guitars for myself.  You know, just for fun.  I haven’t done this with many ukulele builds because of the addition of man hours to the build, so don’t expect to see it standard builds at the present time.  Pretty, huh?

your basic super tenor ukulele

Curly Koa purfling.

The neck is Honduran Mahogany with an African Ebony fret board.  The bridge is African Blackwood with sap wood edge that I have been hoarding for about a hundred years.

your basic super tenor ukulele

Black and white head stock laminate.

As usual, there are Romero low “G” strings and Gotoh UPT tuners.

Sound wise, I find this instrument to be a more articulate than instruments built with lower density back and sides.  The balance between the bass and treble is very good and the wound low “G” is not overwhelming.  I expect this instrument to hold it’s own with any top build.

That’s it, Your Basic Super Tenor Ukulele!